Judge Slams Ex-EPA Chief Over Sept. 11
By Larry Neumeister, Associated Press Writer,   February 2, 2006

Feb 24 AP photo of firefighter wearing protective air maskNEW YORK - A federal judge blasted former Environmental Protection Agency chief Christine Todd Whitman on Thursday for reassuring New Yorkers soon after the   Sept. 11 attacks that it was safe to return to their homes and offices while toxic dust was polluting the neighborhood.

U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts refused to grant Whitman immunity against a class-action lawsuit brought in 2004 by residents, students and workers in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn who said they were exposed to hazardous materials from the collapse of the World Trade Center.

"No reasonable person would have thought that telling thousands of people that it was safe to return to lower Manhattan, while knowing that such return could pose long-term health risks and other dire consequences, was conduct sanctioned by our laws," the judge said.

She called Whitman's actions "conscience-shocking," saying the EPA chief knew that the fall of the twin towers released tons of hazardous materials into the air. A call to a spokeswoman for Whitman was not immediately returned.

The judge let the lawsuit proceed against the EPA and Whitman, permitting the plaintiffs to try to prove that the agency and its administrator endangered their health. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and reimbursement for cleanup costs and asks the court to order that a medical monitoring fund be set up to track the health of those exposed to trade center dust.

In her ruling, Batts noted that the EPA and Whitman said repeatedly — beginning just two days after the attack — that the air appeared safe to breathe. The EPA's internal watchdog later found that the agency, at the urging of White House officials, gave misleading assurances.

Quoting a ruling in an earlier case, the judge said a public official cannot be held personally liable for putting the public in harm's way unless the conduct was so egregious as "to shock the contemporary conscience." Given her role in protecting the health and environment for Americans, Whitman's reassurances after Sept. 11 were "without question conscience-shocking," Batts said.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said in a statement that New Yorkers are still depending on the federal government to describe any ongoing risk from contaminants. "I continue to believe that the White House owes New Yorkers an explanation," she said.

U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (news, bio, voting record), a Democrat whose district includes the trade center site, said the many people who worked at the site and developed respiratory diseases deserve answers. "It is my assumption that thousands of people — workers and residents — are being slowly poisoned today because these workplaces and residences were never properly cleaned up," Nadler said in a telephone interview.


A Note from Rochelle Lesser
I have grown increasingly concerned about what we DON'T yet know about the long-term effects of the air quality at the WTC site. So many put their lives on the line and are now suffering lingering illnesses. And, many of our beloved dogs worked the site, in both disaster and therapy roles. The fact that they could have potentially long-term adverse consequences is therefore very troubling. This environmental issue is especially significant given my own history. Let me explain. . . . . .
Many folks ask how I have been able to create and run this huge Land of PureGold site. Well, I've been at it since 1997, but the main reason is that I am on a disability retirement and cannot get around or get outdoors. Although I used to work fulltime as a school psychologist in a public system, teach graduate school, and work extensively in private practice, various health issues prevent me from working in that capacity.

In the Harford County Public School System in Maryland, I worked in a small, non-ventilated, non-windowed office at Edgewood Middle School for eight years. It was consumed by mold and despite continual complaints, nothing was done.
My secretary and fellow psychologists suffered from respiratory problems constantly, and my secretary and I both had unexplained, spontaneous nose bleeds as well. My health deteriorated to the point that I was unable to drive to work without falling asleep at the wheel. I now suffer from a multitude of disorders (mixed connective tissue disease, extreme environmental allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome) and remain at home a good deal of the time. So, you can see that my Goldens, who accompany me when I do private psychotherapy with children or visit assisted living homes, are therapeutic agents for myself as well.
By the way, that office I worked in. Well, after I went out on disability and the problems increased, the parents started complaining due to their children having increased breathing problems and asthma attacks. And, guess what? The school was closed and major abatement needed to be done with those men in the protective suits having to clean up the contamination. And, where was the worst concentration found? Yup, my office. That's where the STACHYBOTRYS MOLD, plus others, was highest. Stachybotrys is that mold that has been featured on numerous news magazine shows, as it usually sends folks running from homes, and then needing to rebuild as their old homes cannot be salvaged.

And, another psychologist from that office is also on an early disability retirement, actually having serious breathing difficulties that prevents her from going anywhere without notifying the paramedics first so that they are aware of where she will be.

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Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11



The Real Rudy

"The REAL heroes of 9-11 sacrificed everything for their country. Rudy Giuliani has abandoned them. Sadly, you already know much of the real story about The Real Rudy. That he chose to put his anti-terrorist command center in the only spot in New York City that had been hit by terrorists before, against the advice of every professional and his own people, because The World Trade Center was more convenient for him.

Furthermore, you're aware that his inaction in updating the radios used by firefighters who perished that day borders on the criminal. He knew the radios didn't work at least 8 years before that day, and when he finally chose to replace them, did so in grand Bushian style with a no-bid contract for radios that didn't work.

Yet, these were not even the worst aspects of Giuliani's 9/11 record. He completed this triumvirate of tragically inept behavior by ignoring the health of the very heroes who toiled day and night at Ground Zero after the attack. Nothing I could tell you here could prepare you for what you're about to watch--once healthy human beings now suffering from a range of illnesses that are a direct result of a toxic brew they inhaled in downtown Manhattan, while Rudy was telling them everything was safe and sound from his perch at Yankee Stadium and they were spending sleepless nights trying to save lives (often not wearing respirators because The Giuliani Administration ignored that federal requirement).

This is the Real Rudy Giuliani. A man who wants to be President and has 9/11 Tourette's Syndrome. Well, every time he heartlessly utters that simple phrase to try and help his flagging political career, let's make sure people shake their heads in disgust, because they know the true story of Rudy Giuliani the 9/11 failure. And one more thing. Please sign the petition, demanding that Rudy meet with 9/11 first responders he has chosen to heretofore ignore. It is the very least this man could do."   — Cliff Schecter, Brave New Films

Below is an amazing film by Robert Greenwald that is based on comprehensive factual information. Be sure to watch the film, broken into three parts, and to check out each link for the background information that was utilized.

The REAL Rudy - Part 1: Abandoned Heroes

The REAL Rudy - Part 2: The Radios

The REAL Rudy - Part 3: Command Center

Command Center FACT SHEET




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Read this Legal Testimony & these Position and Medical Statements
July 2007:  Addressing the Health Impacts of 9/11: Report and Recommendations to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (83 page pdf)
Apr 12, 2003:  Testimony of U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) 
Mar 08, 2003:  Lower Manhattan Occupational & Environmental Health Concerns - Aftermath
Nov 01, 2001: Testimony before Environment Committee of the NYC Council

The New York Environmental Law & Justice Project is a non-profit public interest organization which counsels and represents groups and individual concerns with the preservation and improvement of community environmental conditions.
This is their position statement about the situation at the World Trade Center:

We, after much scientific study and sampling into the multitude of carcinogens and toxics released into the environmental due to the WTC disaster, require that the surrounding area be designated an EPA SuperFund Site. We feel that this is necessary in light of the fact that each of these chemicals can be most hazardous by themselves but since there are such large quantities and so many of them combined into a superheated form and dispersed over a large densely metropolitan area as an extremely fine particulate probably has accentuated its toxicity and possibility for a synergistic effect. The lack of data or research into this magnitude of exposure simply does not exist due to the fact that such circumstances have never been encountered. By   Declaring the area to be an EPA SuperFund site, the onus to prove safety will be established and appropriate methods and procedures will be federally enforced. The facts are plain and simple — extremely hazardous materials became airborne when the World Trade Center disintegrated and thus could pose a MOST SERIOUS health threat to people who live and work in the downtown area, not just Ground Zero. These particles and gasses obey the laws of physics and thus spread around the downtown area and were not confined to the immediate vicinity of the WTC area. Public trust in government has diminished as workers and residents have become sick and required medical attention. It is time that the various governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local level do whatever is necessary, including a medical registry, to protect the public health and safety and thereby regain the public's trust.



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  May 14: Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani’s Legacy
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  Mar 22:

The James Zadroga Act Would Provide Both Health Care and Compensation for 9/11 Sick, Injured

  Mar 22: NYC Seeks 9-11 Health Aid
  Mar 22: Mayor Wants Help From Congress for 9/11 Health Funds
  Mar 22: Bloomberg Seeks U.S. Aid for Treatment of 9/11 Illnesses
  Mar 22: A plea for 9/11 fund's renewal
  Mar 22: Representatives Introduce 9/11 Healthcare Bill
  Mar 22: Congress : Senators Kennedy, Clinton Hold First Senate Hearing on 9/11 Health Problems
  Mar 21: N.J. man testifies about health effects of 9/11
  Mar 20: Mayor Lobbies Congress To Help Treat 9/11 Illnesses
  Mar 20: Children Who Lost a Parent in 9/11 Terrorist Attack Face High Rate of Mental Health Problems
  Mar 20: NY 'Daily News' Writers to Get Awards for Post-9/11 Work
  Mar 18: Mike Kills 'Sensitive' 9/11 Probe
  Mar 08: CBS 2 Exclusive: 9/11 Claims Another Hero
  Mar 05: Health Center Expands To Treat Civilians Affected By Trade Center Dust
  Mar 05: City finally plans to help victims of 9/11 illness
  Mar 02: More Funding Needed for 9/11-Related Health Problems, Lawmakers Say
  Mar 01: A call for additional aid - Pol questions cost of 9/11 health care programs
  Feb 20: Report Calling For Expansion Of Response To Health Impacts Of 9/11
  Feb 20: Sept. 11 Responders Plagued By Health Problems - Heroes Of 9/11 Still Face Growing Concerns, Ailments
  Feb 19: 9/11 First Responders: 'We're Dead Men Walking'
  Feb 15: Senator Clinton Meets with Health Assistant Secretary Agwunobi to Discuss 9/11 Health Funding
  Feb 15: Report Prompts NYC Mayor to Request 9/11 Aid
  Feb 15: N.J. should follow N.Y. in aiding 9/11 workers
  Feb 14: Bloomberg Wants More Federal Money For 9/11 Health Claims
  Feb 14: Bloomberg Urges More Aid for Those Ailing After 9/11
  Feb 14: NYC: 9/11 Health Costs $393M Per Year
  Feb 11: Big Apple to Big Horn Basin
  Feb 09: NY fire commissioner: 9/11 rescue workers will get treatment
  Feb 09: FDNY Commish: We Will Take Care Of 9/11 Rescuers
  Feb 09: NYU Co-Opens Health Center To Treat 9/11 Diseases
  Feb 09: FDNY pledges treatment plans for 9/11 rescue workers
  Feb 08: WTC Clinic Sees Jump In Registration Following First Responder Death
  Feb 01: Two Firms Cited For Violations At WTC Site
  Jan 31: Demolition Of CUNY Building Damaged On 9/11 Prompts Health Concerns
  Jan 30: Bush's budget proposes adding 9/11 health funds
  Jan 30: Federal Budget To Include Millions For 9/11 Workers
  Jan 24: Ailing 9/11 Cop Dies Just As Son Faces Bush
  Jan 24: Mayor defends city on 9/11 health
  Jan 23: Sen. Clinton wants $1.9B for 9/11 health funds
  Jan 22: Lawmakers Call For More 9/11 Treatment Funding
  Jan 21: Citing Future Concerns, Bloomberg Asks Court To Limit 9/11 Medical Lawsuits
  Jan 18: Family Holds Vigil For 9/11 First Responder
  Jan 16: Veteran Police Officer Who Worked At WTC Site Fights For Life
  Jan 16: EPA Begins Registration For Test And Cleanup Program


Read these 2006 Articles

  Dec 31: VIDEO: Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11, Whitehouse lied recovery workers died!
  Dec 20: The Year At The World Trade Center Site: Health Concerns Plague 9/11 First Responders
  Dec 19: Pols: WTC health funds could run out
  Dec 14: Extended Interview: Researcher Discusses Health of 9/11 First Responders
  Dec 14: Feinberg Recommends 2nd Fund For 9/11 Toxin Victims
  Dec 13: 9/11: Five Years On And US Health Still At Risk
  Dec 07: EPA slammed over 'final' 9/11 dust testing
  Dec 07 Dust tests brushed off 
  Dec 07 EPA to start final 9/11 cleanup
  Dec 07 EPA begins final WTC health dust testing in 2007
  Dec 07 Study Looks at Effects of National Trauma on Americans' Health
  Dec 07 State Lawmakers Ask President For 9/11 Health Care Funding
  Dec 06 EPA to begin final WTC health dust testing in 2007
  Dec 05 Studying Health Effects On 9/11 Rescue Dogs
  Dec 05 Senator Boxer Pledges Care For 9/11 Workers
  Dec 05 Key Senator Backs Aid For 9/11 Workers
  Nov 30 9/11 Workers Get Help From College Center
  Nov 28 Death by Dust
  Nov 21 Online NewsHour: Report | Research on 9/11 First Responders
  Nov 19: U.S. Won't Standardize Autopsies of 9/11 Workers
  Nov 19: 9/11 autopsy guidelines plan scuttled
  Nov 16: WTC responder to tell story at conference
  Nov 12: Gathering of heroes & help at last
  Nov 12: 9/11 responders seek options for care
  Nov 11: WTC health monitoring expansion
  Nov 11: WTC Rescue Workers Attend Health Conference
  Nov 09: WTC worker losing his breath: Elmont man's fight for disability pension
  Nov 03: Lung illness takes an angel of Ground Zero
  Nov 02: EXCLUSIVE: Watch Sister Mahoney's Video From Her Hospital Bed As She Attempts To Prove Link To 9/11
  Nov 02: Lung Disease Takes Nun's Life; Did 9/11 Play Role?
  Nov 02: Nun who says lung disease from 9/11 attack sickened her dies
  Nov 02: 9/11 in the air
  Oct 31: Pipe Dream on the Web
  Oct 30: Concerns over demolition of building near ground zero
  Oct 26: More allegations from EPA whistleblower
  Oct 24: A Call to the NY Media: Save the Volunteers!
  Oct 24: Report Documents Promising Therapeutic Interventions For 9-11 Workers
  Oct 24: Medical Views of 9/11’s Dust Show Big Gaps??? 
  Oct 23: When Will NYC Stop Fighting Heroes' Claims & Benefits?
  Oct 22: Some NYC workers paying toll years after 9/11 cleanup
  Oct 22: WTC dust settled, but toll still lingers on workers
  Oct 19: 9/11 Ground Zero Worker Lawsuit Moves Forward & The Profits Over Safety Business Model Continues
  Oct 18: Judge: NYC open to Ground Zero claims
  Oct 18: City Could Be Held Liable for 9/11 Health Problems
  Oct 18: Federal judge permits 9/11 cleanup workers to sue NYC, Port Authority
  Oct 18: Campaign Aims To Help First Responders Claim Compensation For 9/11 Illnesses
  Oct 17: Judge Allows 9/11 Lawsuits to Go Forward
  Oct 17: 9/11 Press For Truth Documentary
  Oct 15: 350G Paycheck for city's 9/11 Scrooge
  Oct 14: Lost in the Dust of 9/11
  Oct 13: Hil joins fight for Stuy High 9/11 tests
  Oct 13: 9/11 health claim OKd
  Oct 11: Islanders exposed to WTC health hazards are told to seek aid now
  Oct 09: The forgotten victims of Ground Zero
  Oct 08: 9-11 workers get lung screenings
  Oct 08: Advocates Say Illegal Workers Suffer After 9/11 Cleanup
  Oct 07: While remembering 9/11, don’t forget the workers
  Oct 03: 9/11 hero battling cancer, money woes
  Oct 02: Students Sick With 9/11-Related Illnesses Want Federal Help
  Oct 02: 9/11 aid urged for Stuy grads
  Oct 02: Students At Ground Zero Could Feel 9/11 Effects
  Oct 02: Pol: Monitor health of students near WTC
  Sep 27: Fiction in 9/11 movie is hurtful exploitation 
  Sep 27: Cleanup hazards of 9/11 
  Sep 25: Into the light at 9/11
  Sep 24: Rice Reportedly Signed Off On 9/11 "Safe To Breathe" Documents
  Sep 24: Bravest reach out to a broken hero
  Sep 23: After 9/11 ceremonies, unsung heroes still need our help
  Sep 22: Federal and NYC Governments Make It as Hard As Possible for 9/11 Victims
  Sep 22: Man died a 9/11 hero, but not a firefighter, feds rule
  Sep 21: 9/11: Safety and Health Lessons Learned
  Sep 20: 9/11 Financial Safety Over Human Safety Narrative Continues
  Sep 20: Feds cast doubt
  Sep 20: Linking 9/11-Related Illness To Toxic Air   May Be Tough
  Sep 19: 9/11 health issues not always resolved with dollar signs
  Sep 19: EPA: 9/11 Toxic Air Drifted Away From Ground Zero
  Sep 18: Officials accused of 9/11 lie
  Sep 16: Broken hero
  Sep 15: 9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team
  Sep 15: Congress Rejects Aid For Sick 9/11 Responders: Puts Financial Safety Over Human Safety
  Sep 14: Clinton Seeks $1.9 Billion To Treat 9/11 Workers
  Sep 14: 9/11 & The Safety Is Too Expensive Business Model
  Sep 14: Hil wants $2B for WTC sick
  Sep 13: Will Whitman Be Prosecuted for 9/11 Lies? Reps. Nadler, Weiner & Pascrell Request Special Counsel to Investigate
  Sep 13: Why the Challenges Faced by 9/11 Workers Affect Us All
  Sep 13: Clinton's push for WTC worker help thwarted
  Sep 13: Dems Want Probe Of 9/11 Air Quality, Whitman
  Sep 13: Why the Challenges Faced by 9/11 Workers Affect Us All
  Sep 12: Devalued Suffering & The Problematic Aspects Of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
  Sep 12: 9-11 Health Effects Long Lasting
  Sep 12: Problems mount from 9/11 fallout
  Sep 11: Giuliani Deflects Blame For 9/11 Health Problems
  Sep 11: Woman's ailments back findings that most suffered respiratory damage 
  Sep 11: Giuliani Says He   May Have Suffered From 9/11 Smoke
  Sep 11: Giuliani Strikes Back At Whitman
  Sep 10: Some Kids Left Behind 
  Sep 10: Committee attacks US response to post-9/11 health claims
  Sep '06: 9/11 Health: Help at Last?
  Sep 09: Officials lambasted on 9/11 health woes 
  Sep 09: 9-11 health impact dispute: "We never lied," Christine Whitman lies 
  Sep 09: Officials lambasted on 9/11 health woes: Lawmakers fault NYC, US actions
  Sep 09: Lawmakers meet in New York to discuss   Sept. 11 health problems
  Sep 09: Time to stop the toxic lies of 9/11
  Sep 09: Dad wants Christie locked up
  Sep 09: I also became sick, sez top Rudy aide
  Sep 08: Former EPA Chief Blames Giuliani For Lack Of Masks At WTC Site
  Sep 08: Whitman: 9/11 health woes are city's fault
  Sep 08: Living on Earth: The Health Legacy of Ground Zero
  Sep 08: EPA, NYC Blamed for 9/11 Health Problems
  Sep 08: 9/11 health rally
  Sep 08: 9/11 Health Chief Offers Sympathy But Unclear on Aid
  Sep 08: Former EPA Chief Blames Giuliani For Lack Of Masks At WTC Site
  Sep 08: NYC Reopened WTC Area Despite EPA Warning
  Sep 08: Lawmakers In N.Y. Hear 9/11 Health Complaints
  Sep 07: Exclusive: Memo: Giuliani Gov't Knew Of Toxic Air (Video)
  Sep 07: 9/11 horror continues for rescue workers
  Sep 07: Documents: Feds, City Knew Of Ground Zero Toxins
  Sep 07: Interviews reveal 9/11 effects on kids
  Sep 07: Federal 9/11 Health Chief to Speak at Town Hall Meeting
  Sep 07: As 9/11 Health Concerns Linger, What Might The Future Hold?
  Sep 07: Gov sees 9/11 link
  Sep 07: Undocumented workers uncounted victims of 9/11
  Sep 07: Immigrant Workers Rally Over Health Concerns At WTC Site
  Sep 07: AIDING 9/11 HEROES
  Sep 06: Those other 9-11 victims speak out
  Sep 06: Lawmakers seek to re-open 9/11 fund for sick workers
  Sep 06: Program finds 9/11 health crisis
  Sep 06: WTC Security Guard Severely Burned On 9/11 Shares Story Of Survival
  Sep 06: Officer deals with illness after 9/11
  Sep 06: 'Dust To Dust" Documents 9/11 Health Effects (Video)
  Sep 06: Exclusive: Feds, City Knew Of Ground Zero Toxins (Video)
  Sep 05: Senator Clinton, Mount Sinai Release the Findings of the WTC Worker & Volunteer Medical Screening Program
  Sep 05: 7 Of 10 WTC Rescuers Have Lung Problems (Video)
  Sep 05: 9/11 Health Study: Quotes on What it all Means
  Sep 05: Most 9/11 rescuers suffered health problems
  Sep 05: Study: Seventy Percent Of 9/11 First Responders Suffer Lung Problems
  Sep 05: Immigrants Who Responded After 9/11 Lack Health Care
  Sep 05: 'A horrible thing'  
  Sep 05: 9/11 as the First Katrina Moment
  Sep 05: Many 9/11 Workers Have Lung Issues
  Sep 05: Officials Slow to Hear Claims of 9/11 Illnesses
  Sep 05: 9/11 five years on
  Sep 04: 9/11 health problems widen
  Sep 04: Ground Zero Suit Adds 1,000 Ill Workers
  Sep 03: $400M for lawyers?
  Sep 02: Study: 9/11 responders' lungs impaired
  Sep 02: Five Years After 9/11, Lower Manhattan Residents Still Concerned About Health Issues
  Sep 02: Planes, loud sounds still trigger trauma five years after 9/11
  Sep 01: 9-11 health guidelines are issued
  Sep 01: Win on 9/11 health 
  Sep 01: Psychiatrists Glean Unexpected Lessons From 9/11 Disaster 
  Sep 01: 9/11 lingers for a generation of children 
  Aug 31: No Mention Of Cancer In 9/11 Guidelines (Video)
  Aug 31: 9/11 Health Woes Reach Far Beyond NYC
  Aug 31: NYC Issues 9/11 Medical Guidelines
  Aug 31: Health Officials Release New Guideline To Treat 9/11 Victims
  Aug 26: Health of World Trade Center workers questioned early
  Aug 25: 9/11 lead tests covered up
  Aug 25: U.S. agency accused of misleading data on 9/11 dust 
  Aug 25: EPA scientist says agency hid dangers at ground zero from first responders, others  
  Aug 23: LAST GASP: Ground Zero volunteers suffer in silence as the clock ticks on their health
  Aug 23: 9/11 air fears stifled
  Aug 22: 14 Search Dogs From Ground Zero Have Died Since 9/11
  Aug 22: Local Leaders Call On EPA To Do More To Clean Up Lower Manhattan
  Aug 22: Blunt Trauma  
  Aug 21: 9/11 benefits law piles it on city 
  Aug 17: Immigrant workers tragic 9/11 casualties 
  Aug 12: Mike wants proof 9/11 made 'em ill
  Aug 10: First Responders Advocate For Better Health Care At WTC Film Opening
  Aug 09: Bloomberg To Ground Zero Families: No Benefits (Video)
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First Responders Advocate For Better Health Care At WTC Film Opening
The most difficult role of all
Mixed feelings over 'World Trade Center'
Save lives with $150 lung exam
9/11 study seeks children
9/11 rescuers found to suffer from severe lung damage  
9/11 First Responders Suffered Major Lung Function Loss  
9/11 Rescuers Have Reduced Lung Functions
Sundance Channel to Air Television Premier of 'Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11  
Gov hopefuls vow they won't let 9/11 heroes gasp for aid
Insurance Superintendent Concerned About WTC Insurance Fund 
I never complained, or sued, nor will I, but in case I die...
EPA Denies White House Classified Post-9/11 Air Quality Documents
'Secret' 9/11 Lies? 
Proof of Lung Woes
Suit Claims City Misusing Federal 9/11 Money 
PBA Introduces 9/11 Health Registry
Special Report: The making of a health disaster Lower Manhattan Students Recall Frightening Events Of 9/11
Delayed action prolonged the pain for 9/11 responders 
Police Union To Unveil WTC Health Registry
Abandoned heroes
9/11 volunteer in a payday   Mayday
Broke WTC worker finally wins back pay
Former Giuliani Aide On 9/11 Health Crusade
9/11 recovery workers: ‘Gov’t   Deceived, abandoned us’
New Model to Assess World Trade Center Fallout
Silverstein, Port Authority Sue Insurers Over 9/11 Claims
9/11 responders speak of pain
Survey: Children of 9/11 Still Grieving
Police Union To Track 9/11 Health Problems
Emergency Workers G  Auge 9/11 Health Toll
9/11 Health Registry Weighed
NYC: no 9-11 liability
CLAIM vs. FACT: White House on 9/11 Illnesses
PBA Blasts Hosp's 9/11 Health Monitoring
Bill Seeks To Award Accidental Death Benefits To WTC Workers
Lawsuit says poisons killed 57 at WTC site

Workers battle for 9/11 suit 
Judge Weighs Whether NYC Has Immunity From 9/11 Health Lawsuits
Thousands claim exposure in 9/11 aftermath
Emergency workers still suffering effects of 9/11
Bill Seeks To Award Accidental Death Benefits To WTC Workers
Maloney Seeks Meeting With Bush On 1st Responder Health Problems
Cause of Sickness in 9/11 Workers Still in Dispute
Protestors Demand Better Care for Those Exposed to 9/11 Dust
Rescue Workers: Government Should Pay 9-11 Health Bill
9/11 Rescue Workers Rally For Long-Term Health Funding
Residents’ 9/11 health funds running out, but survey continues
9/11 Cough - More Than Just "Asthma" Indeed  
9/11 health crisis hits 'average Joe'
Program will focus on post-9/11 health problems
Lawsuit says poisons killed 57 at WTC site  
Air Masks at Issue in Claims of 9/11 Illnesses
Asbestos bill widens to 9/11, hurricane claims
Survey seeks to solve 9/11 health mysteries
9/11 Health Registry Wants To Re-Interview Participants
WTC responders' illness worse than expected
Preparing for a Higher 9-11 Tolls
9/11 Compensation Claims Continue to Trickle in Late
Bloomberg Halts Challenge to 9/11 Health Claim
Feud Erupts Over Former Deputy   Mayor's Illness
Study: 9/11 Escapees Have Health Problems
Rudy's Deputy: I Have 9/11 Illness
The New York Times Cover-Up Continues
I was the Epitome of Health until my Life Became a Toxic Hell
Tracing Lung Ailments That Rose With 9/11 Dust
Razing of Downtown Tower Should Pause, Regulators Say 
Increase seen in lung scarring diseases caused by the WTC destruction on 9/11
Tribecans try to block project on environmental grounds
Bill Introduced For 9/11 Death Benefit Payment
So What Is Going on Here? Shelly Silver to Demand Answers as He Calls for Special WTC Hearing
The News Interview: Dr. John Howard  
'A completely unacceptable situation'
‘Toxic Tower’ Fears: Downtown Residents, Workers Say Contractor Unfit for Deutsche Bank Project
The Air down There: Deutsche Bank Demolition Sparks Fears about the Quality of Subway Air
Lawyers 'Clean Up' on WTC Insurer   
9/11 vols turn victims
Two Big Demolitions Raise Air Concerns
Deutsche Bank Cleanup Halted
S.I. Beep: 9/11 Ills   May Have Killed My Son   
9/11 First Responder Dies: Paramedic Deborah Reeve Succumbs to Asbestos Disease as Casualty List Grows
FDNY Doc   May Testify in Cop's Post-9/11 Death
9/11 Survivors Dying from 9/11
NYC: firefighters sue over WTC illness  
Local Woman’s ‘Trade Center Cough’ in National Spotlight
More 9/11 Health Care Help Urged After Policeman's Autopsy
Pols call for 9/11 benefits
9/11 survivors still under a cloud, docs say
9/11 Survivors' Clouded Future
Survivors of 9/11 to Be Monitored for Health Effects, CDC Says
Ease Path for EMS Deadline Near For 9/11 Disability Aid 
City Council to Fault 9/11 Cleanup
Bush appoints d  Octor to oversee health of Ground Zero worker  
D  Octors: Long-term post-  Sept. 11 health monitoring needed
Feds restart Ground Zero health program  
New York uncertain of WTC dust danger  
WTC Dust   May Still Be A Risk  
Council, experts: WTC dust plan weak
Red Cross Faces Another Round of Political Heat  
Schumer and Bloomberg Clash on Ground Zero Plan
NY   Sept. 11 Health Coordinator; Health coordinator named to oversee   Sept. 11 health impacts  
Federal Monitor Named To Oversee Health Of 9/11 First Responders  
Truth Out: Sick of being lied to by the EPA, 9-11 plaintiffs use the courts to force the answers they seek
At Ground Zero, No End to a Dispute That's Years Old and 1,776 Feet High
  Sept. 11 Toxic Heart Shock
D  Octors Look For Link Between 9/11 Recovery Work And Heart Disease  
Down to the Wire at Ground Zero
Federal judge ‘shocked’ by E.P.A. statements  
Health fears for victims of Ground Zero's deadly dust
Specter of 9/11 in latest death  
Whitman in Court, A lesson on spin 
Heroes Helping Heroes  
False assurances
Judge Says Government Misled Public on 9/11 Air Quality
Opinionist: Don’t Bother Doubting the E.P.A. (Cough, cough . . . )
Whitman, EPA short on truth
Judging her own case
Hill’s Dust Storm
Choking it down
Hil blasts EPA over 9/11 air
'Outraged' Whitman defends 9/11 stand, Ex-EPA boss okay with safe air quality edict
Whitman Denies Misleading Public on Air Quality After 9/11
Judge Blasts Ex-EPA Chief For 'Conscience-Shocking' Actions After 9/11
Clinton Sounds Off On Whitman And The EPA; Former Agency Head Under Fire Over Ground Zero Air
Clinton praises ruling on EPA's 9-11 response
Judge hot over 9/11 air; Rips EPA's all-clear, OKs suit
Public Misled on Air Quality After 9/11 Attack, Judge Says
Judge Blasts Ex-EPA Chief For 'Conscience-Shocking' Actions After 9/11
Post-9/11 air quality cover-up continues: Democrats
Judge: Federal environmental chief sent people back to lower Manhattan too soon after 9-11
EPA, Ex-Chief Must Defend Suit Over Post-9/11 NYC Air
Hill Will Push 9/11 Health Bill
The Heroes Of 9/11 Are Getting Sick
Sen. Clinton seeks help for ground zero workers in asbestos bill
Feds Urged To Tap 'Czar' To Eye 9/11 Health; Cite 23 Deaths, Call Broader Screening, Treatment Key
WTC Health Czar? No! Op-Ed
The Heroes Of 9/11 Are Getting Sick
9/11 killed hero cop?
NYPD Officer Who Collapsed And Died Worked At WTC Site
NYPD cop dies
WTC attacks claim latest victim - four years later
Unions Call For Death Benefit In Post-9/11 Cases; Wary of Growing Toll Among Responders To WTC Site
9/11 responders are now in need of help
Ground Zero deaths need investigating
Link Deaths of 3 Firemen, Cop To WTC Site; Health Officials Urge Screening, Offer Free Treatment
First Responders Suffering Health Effects from 9/11
Significant Gaps Reported in Disaster Responses
The Pit's toll rising
Toll from 9/11 climbs, albeit too quietly

  Sept. 11 workers die of health problems; direct link to ground zero unclear
Chinatown gets left in the dust
Ground Zero hero, 34, dies
Dad: NYPD abandoned son Retired Detective's Death Attributed to 9/11 Duty
Union: Retired police officer's death linked to   Sept. 11 cleanup
Scariest building in New York
What If They Poisoned our Neighborhood & Nobody Told Us? Scientists Say EPA Reneging on Post 9-11 Promises



Read these 2005 Articles

  Dec 22: Panel scientists tee off on E.P.A. plan
  Dec 20: EPA Screws New York: New Plan for Cleaning up 9-11 Toxins Worse than the Old One
  Dec 17: Sierra Club's Report Finds Widespread 9/11 Effects Here: Dust Spread from Heights to Coney
  Dec 14: Dust-up over plan
  Dec 14: Groups Rap Test for WTC Dust
  Dec 14: Residents Want EPA to Rework Dust Plan: Brooklyn, Chinatown Left out of Voluntary Clean up Program
  Dec 14: E.P.A. to Clean Apartments Despite Objections to Plan
  Dec 13: EPA Goes Ahead with Plan to Test Apartments for World Trade Center Dust
  Dec 13: Brooklyn Residents Criticize EPA For Failing To Test For WTC Dust
  Dec 13: Advisors Deride 9-11 Clean-Up Plan
  Dec 11: Activists Dust Off 9/11 Claim
  Dec 09: Lawmakers Seek Second Probe of 9/11 Air Testing
  Dec 09: Lawmakers Ask for Additional WTC Air Testing
  Dec 04: New Furor Over 9/11 EPA Blasted for Nixing Cleanup
  Dec 02: E.P.A. Changes Plan - Clinton, Downtowners Fume
  Dec 01: EPA’s WTC Dust Testing Plan Outrages Residents, More Should Be Included for Fear of Health Risks
  Dec 01: EPA's Latest Betrayal at Ground Zero
  Dec 01: EPA plan to test dust from NYC terrorist attack draws flak from senators
  Nov 30: What, Too Busy Screwing Up New Orleans? 
  Nov 30: EPA to Reduce Testing of Ground Zero
  Nov 30: EPA Plans to Test 9-11 Dust
  Nov 30: 9/11 Air Testing Called 'Too Little, Too Late'
  Nov 30: EPA to sample for WTC dust 
  Nov 30: E.P.A. Changes Cleanup Plans Near Ground Zero
  Nov 30: EPA to Scale Back Testing at Ground Zero
  Nov 29: EPA offers final   Sept. 11 dust testing plan for lower Manhattan buildings
  Nov 16: 'Promise Broken': N.Y. to Lose 9/11 Aid
  Nov 15: An Unlikely Hero
  Nov 09: More Heat than Light from Deutsche Meeting Demonstrators
  Nov 04: E.P.A. to Change Dust Plan after Rebuke
  Nov 04: 9/11 firefighters show long-term lung damage
  Nov 03: What Happened to That Cloud of Dust?
  Nov 02: Final Report of the Peer Review of the U.S. EPA’s Final Report on WTC Dust Screening Study
  Oct '05: Advocates Voice Concerns Over Health Hazards Of Deutsche Bank Demolition 
  Oct 25: Bravest Fume at FDNY: 30 to File Suit over 9/11 Pension Woes  
  Oct 25: Hopes for Effective Cleanup of Lower Manhattan Dim: Planning for Demolition of Contaminated Buildings
  Oct 20: Four Years Later
  Sep 11: Program Failed to Monitor 9/11 Workers, Report Finds
  Sep 10: GAO Report Criticizes 9/11 Health Program
  Sep 10: Pollution &   Deception at Ground Zero: Why It Could Happen Again: Updated Report
  Sep 07: Updated Ground Zero Report Examines Failure of Govt to Protect Citizens: Response to Katrina 1st Test
  Sep 07: Dusted, Long after 9-11, People Say the Dust Is Still Making Them Sick. Want EPA to Do Something
  Sep 06: Ailments, Struggles of 9/EMT Who Died Not Unique: For Many Rescue Workers, Disaster Still Strikes
  Sep 04: Republican Focus on 9/11 Ignores Failures in the Aftermath
  Aug 30: 9/11 commission owes answers
  Aug 20: Painful   Sept. 11 closure
  Aug 15: New York releases 9/11 documents
  Aug 12: Workers with 9/11-Related Illnesses Pledge to Fight for Healthcare for As Long As It Takes 
  Aug 04: Ground Zero Workers Missing Out On Free Medical Care 
  Aug 04: 9/11 Rescue Workers Plead for Fund Restoration 
  Aug 03: WTC Health Registry: Quarterly Newsletter: Featured Article Abstracts
  Jul '05: WTC Health Registry: Quarterly Newsletter
  Jul 28: NY Workers Still Struggle after 9/11 
  Jul 22: 'Shame' on Feds for Not Giving 9/11 Aid 
  Jul 22: Community Groups Push EPA to Better Address 9/11 Aftermath 
  Jul 20: Film Exposes Plight of 9/11 Rescuers 
  Jul 19: Cameras Roll on the Plight of Forgotten 9/11 Rescuers
  Jul 17: Ax Ready to Fall on 9/11 Ills Fund
  Jul 13: NYC Cleanup Criticized
  Jun 22: N.Y.C. Debates Toxic Air
  Jun 20: Comments by Dave Newman Regarding the Proposed Peer Review Process of the WTC Signature
  Jun 20: Thousands of First Responders to Receive Services for Health Problems Related to   September 11
  Jun 17: Where Time Is Stopped at   Sept. 11
  Jun 17: Lawmakers Say Feds Reneged on Promise; Red Cross Funds $16 Million in WTC Grants
  Jun 15:   Sept. 11 Responders Press Congress Not to Withdraw $125 Million
  Jun 13: Plea to W: Don't Stiff WTC Workers
  Jun 13: Let's Do the Right Thing for New York
  Jun 10: 9/11 Dollar Dilemma, Editorial
  Jun 09: 9/11 funds still needed
  Jun 09: Kicking up dust over new air testing plan
  Jun 09: 9/11 Chutzpah, Wall Street Journal Editorial
  Jun 08: N.Y.C. Debates Toxic Air
  Jun 07: Bush 2006 Budget Would Reclaim $125 Million of 9/11 Aid
  Jun 07: WTC Health Registry: Quarterly Newsletter
  Jun 03: WTC Health Registry: Quarterly Newsletter: Featured Article Abstracts
  Jun 03: U.S. to N.Y.: Return $44M in   Sept. 11 Aid
  Jun 01: Bush 2006 Budget Would Reclaim $125 Million of 9/11 Aid 
  May '05: Comments by Dave Newman on EPA's Draft Final Sampling Program on Extent of WTC Impacts  
  May '05: White House, New Yorkers in Tug of War over Unspent   Sept. 11 Aid 
  May 27: Plan to Test Downtown Dust Draws Ire
  May 25: EPA's Foul Play: Agency's Plan to Test for WTC Dust Criticized as Ill-Defined
  May 25: Downtown Residents Cast Doubt on EPA
  May 25: EPA Proposes Plan to Test Contaminants
  May 24: EPA Sets Voluntary Participation for Trade Center Toxin Search
  May 24: Critics knock E.P.A.’s new testing plan
  May 13: EPA's New Monitoring Plan Still Inadequate: Ground Zero's Toxic Dust
  May 13: Buildings Farther From Ground Zero to Be Tested for Contaminated Dust
  May 12: EPA'S Dust Storm
  May 12: EPA Doubles Sampling Area in Search for Toxic Trade Center Dust
  May 12: 9/11 test flip-flop: EPA to check 30 buildings for debris
  May 12: EPA Plans More Testing Of Air Quality In Lower Manhattan
  May 11: Critics deride EPA’s WTC site testing
  May 11: EPA Preps to Test WTC-Area Buildings: Study to Determine Levels of Toxins from Twin Towers
  May 11: Candidate Criticizes the   Mayor for the Delays at Ground Zero
  May 08: W. Plan to Stiff Heroes
  May 08: On Ground Zero Issue, a Delicate Political Calculus
  May 07: Delay at Ground Zero, Bad Timing for Pataki
  May 06: Ground Zero Effort 'Losing Steam,’ Schumer Says
  May 03: Response of New York public school children to   September 11
  May 03: Napoli Bern Law Firm Active in Lawsuit on Behalf of Ground Zero Cleanup Workers
  Apr 28: Post-9/11 funds must benefit the common good
  Apr 26: Rethinking Ground Zero
  Apr 24: Allocation Frustrates NYC Groups
  Mar 18: Study of Asthmatic Medicaid Enrollees Suggests Negative 9/11 Impact
  Mar 04: 'Ironman' Tragedy
  Feb 28: Panel Confronts Post 9/11 Health Issues
  Feb 24: EPA   May Test in Brooklyn for Trade Center Toxins
  Feb 23: NYC Debates Post-9/11 Demolition
  Feb 18: Ecological Impact of 9/11 Lingering Threats: Contamination   May Still Lurk Near Ground Zero: Part III
  Feb 07: 9/11 Sick and Injured Describe Ongoing Health and Financial Struggles
  Feb 03: New Legislation Addresses Continuing Health Issues for 9/11 Workers
  Feb 03: WTC Health Registry Data Snapshot: Quarterly Enrollment Update
  Jan '05: C  Aught in the Smoke Employees, Residents Cope With 9/11 Fallout - Part II
  Jan 31: Choking Downtown
  Jan 28: Contaminants found near WTC site  
  Jan 28: 9/11 Cleanup Continues
  Jan 27: New Research Report Urges Stop to Further 911 Fatalities
  Jan 27: Finding   May delay ground zero rebuilding
  Jan 26: Critics hit LMDC for lax Plan to deal with Deadly Dust
  Jan 26: 9/11 cleanup urged: EPA critics say toxic fumes contaminated borough
  Jan 26: Critics Question Safety of Plan to Raze Contaminated Site
  Jan 26: High Levels Of Contaminants At WTC Site
  Jan 26: EPA-Backed Scientists Call For Overhaul Of Dust Sampling Plan For Ground Zero
  Jan 24: Ground Zero The Most Dangerous Workplace: Part I
  Jan 24: Scientists Urge Closer Look at Residual Trade Center Toxins
  Jan 19: Panel of Scientists Wants More Testing for Contamination at WTC Site
  Jan 19: Independent Scientific Advisory Committee Finds Serious Flaws in EPA'S Proposed WTC Program
  Jan 19: 9/11 Relic's Legacy of Health Fears



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  Jan '04:
Toxic shocks: More   Deceptions about post-9/11 health threats are emerging
The World Trade Center Health Registry
WTC Health Registry Data Snapshot: Quarterly Enrollment Update
CT helps find cause of puzzling cough in WTC rescue workers
WTC Health Survey Reveals Psych Toll
Preliminary Report Shows Cause for Concern about Health of WTC Survivors: 70,000 Participating
Area man stirs debate on WTC collapse 
Feds' WTC Plan Scrubs Cleanup for Downtown  
E.P.A.’s 9/11 leader to leave   
Critics Say Unclear EPA Role At Ground Zero   May Undermine Cleanup 
9/11 First-Responders Penn State Team Analyzes Effects of Inhaled Toxins 
Largest Federal Union Blasts Bush Administration for Failing to Equip Workers to Aid First Responders  
Ground Zero Community Wants Answers, Cleanup for Lingering 9/11 Contamination   
Poisons, Begone! The Dubious Science Behind the Scientologists' Detoxification Program  
Binding Firefighters' Psychological Wounds  
Tonight, Groups Urge Pres. Bush that the Job is Not Finished at Ground Zero
400,000 New Yorkers Breathed most Toxic Pollutant. Asbestos Poisoning Symptoms. Are you at Risk?
WTC lawsuit calms Amec frenzy
Ground Zero Workers File Billion-Dollar Health Lawsuit
First Major Class Action Lawsuit Filed For Ground Zero Cleanup Workers With 'WTC Toxic Diseases'
Physical Health Status of World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery Workers and Volunteers  
Ailments still plague 9/11 search and rescue team: Local clinic to test those with health problems  
Full-term infants born to nonsmoking women living within two miles of WTC weighed significantly less  
Physical Health Status of WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers and Volunteers
|Mount Sinai Report Shows High Rates of Breathing Difficulties & Mental Health Problems
First Reports of Health Effects in WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers
CDC Study: WTC workers developed long-term breathing problems  
Breathing, mental problems common among Ground Zero workers  
Reports of Health Effects in WTC Rescue, High Rates of Respiratory, Mental Health Problems
Failures at Ground Zero Put Nation at Risk  
Study Finds Lack of Data on Health Effects of 9/11 Dust  
U.S. Report Sees Wide Health Effects of 9-11 Attacks   
Study Finds Lack of Data on Health Effects of 9/11 Dust    
  Sept. 11-Related Cancers   May Take Years
In a Speck of 9/11 Dust, a World of Chaos 
Maloney Files Bill To Compensate Bypassed 9/11 Injured Workers   
New Yorkers to GOP Don't Breathe the Air  
Sierra Club releases report on environmental response to 9/11
14 WTC Search and Rescue Dogs Dead  
Air Pollution &   Deception at Ground Zero: Government Allowed Hundreds to Breathe Contaminated Air
Government Cover-up on WTC Health Effects?      
Sierra Club: Bush Endangered Lives of New Yorkers After 9/11 By Lying About Dangers of Toxic Fallout
Greens rip W on 9/11 air
Dust must clear on veil of   Deceit
Government blamed over 9/11 toxic smoke
Government Accused Of Misleading Public About Air Quality After 9/11
Bush Administration Slammed for Poor Health Measure at Ground Zero
Group Blames Feds over 9/11 Toxic Smoke
Report: Bush showed 'reckless disregard' after 9/11
Bush 'Reckless' on Post-9/11 Health Risks
WTC Health Registry Data Snapshot: Quarterly Enrollment Update
WTC Air Quality Stirs Controversy
Scant Sign-Ups Hinder World Trade Center Health Registry
Dr. Clinton Versus the Ground Zero Cough
U.S. Agency to Expand Air Tests at NYC's Ground Zero (Update1)
Furor over WTC Lies
9/11 Memo Reveals Asbestos 'Cover-Up'
  September Hearing Planned to Boost Support for Bill to Provide Health Care for Exposed to WTC Dust
Red Cross Announces $50 Million 9/11 Grant Program, Red Cross Press Release
Utah Rescue Dogs Part of World Trade Center Follow-Up Study
E.P.A. panel continues to debate what to do
Sick lungs, strong proof: Post-9/11 air wasn't safe
E.P.A. panel considers its next step
Sickly saviors
Saddest of words News told you so
9/11 toll still grows
1,700 sue over 9/11 sickness  
Suits Link Ground Zero Toxins, Illnesses
WTC Health Registry Data Snapshot: Quarterly Enrollment Update
Bush forced to cover World Trade Center health claims
'The city owes me'
NYC firefighters study finds depression high, drinking average after WTC collapse
EPA Whistleblower Government in Denial
Panel Urges More NYC Tests
E.P.A. watchdog panel looks to expand testing
Panel urges more Ground Zero tests
In National Emergencies, OSHA to Provide Assistance, Not Enforcement
New Federal Bill to Provide Health Care to Wider Range of Workers/Residents Exposed to WTC Dust
EPA Expert Advisory Panel Holds First Meeting on 9/11 Contamination
9/11 Blunders Left Workers, Residents Literally in the Dust
WTC Cleanup Revisited
Helping 9/11 Rescue Workers
Secrets and Lies Becoming Commonplace
Secrecy, Lies And Credibility
Panel Is Split on Ways to Retest Air in Homes Near Ground Zero
NYCOSH testimony on post-9/11 Lower Manhattan contamination
Class-Action Lawsuit Charges EPA with "A Shockingly Deliberate Indifference to Human Health"
EPA Appoints Expert Technical Review Panel to Study Health Effects of 9/11
Federal Officials Cleared Ground Zero's Air Quality Too Soon after 9/11
EPA Hit With Ground Zero Lawsuit
Asthma, Ground Zero linked
Harlem Physicians Help Rescue Workers Escape the Toxic Legacy of 9/11 
Grave & Gathering Dangers: President's War Against Science, Health and the Environment
WTC Panel Formed to Review Health Protection; Expert Panel Begin Assessments in   March
The Question the Dems Aren't Asking: The Bikini Bottom Interrogative
The   Junk Science of George W. Bush
Book reveals asbestos still has a chokehold on us
Lung Problems Common Among Police After 9/11: 1st to arrive at WTC with highest risk
High Rate of Respiratory Symptoms in Police at World Trade Center Site
Resources for Activists: An Air the Kills
Police dog OK after surgery
WTC Health Registry Data Snapshot: Quarterly Enrollment Update



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Congress members Look Forward to Learning Details of EPA/White House 9/11 Actions 
WTC Health Registry Data Snapshot: Initial Information from the WTC Health Registry
D  Octors: Most 9/11 Workers still Ailing
Ground Zero Workers in Poor Health
Doc's WTC Note: Don't hurry back
Some Near Ground Zero Have Breathing, Other Health Problems from Dirty Air
Cloud hangs over Ground Zero
False assurances put public at risk, EPA more concerned about commerce than people's health
Most Didn't Trust EPA on WTC Air
Political Storm after EPA Reports White House Downplayed Post-9/11 Health Hazards 
House Democrats demand hearings on EPA air quality assurances after   Sept. 11
NYers Protest Downtown Air Quality  
Foul air lingers at the EPA
Study Says Ground Zero Soot Lingered  
Illnesses Linger after World Trade Center Collapse
Debate Lingers on Air Quality After 9/11  
Ground zero pollution called unprecedented
Ground Zero 'brutal' for workers
An Air of Discontent: WTC workers worry about post-  Sept.11 health risks   
A 'Chemical Factory' in Skies
Still in the dark over WTC dust 
Anger builds over EPA’s 9-11 report
Ground Zero fumes 'brutal': air quality expert 
Trade Center debris pile was a chemical factory, says new study  
Ground Zero Workers Faced Health Risk from Toxic Gases, Study Finds
Bay Area Rescue Workers Sickened By Trade Center Air   
Uncertainty Lingers over 9/11 Air Pollution  
9/11 health watch: 300,000 around WTC to be studied for 20 yrs.  
Ground Zero Workers Suffering From 'World Trade Center' Cough
No data for post-9/11 air safety: Interview with EPA Inspector General Nikki Tinsley
Report criticizes EPA actions after World Trade Center attack
Danger In The Dust: EPA assured public before actual testing 
It's public be damned at the EPA
EPA Misled Public on 9/11 Pollution: White House ordered false assurances on air quality, report says
Report: White House Misled City on Post-9/11 Health Issues
Moms question WTC baby study findings 
Interim Report Criticizes Assurances by EPA on World Trade Center Air Quality

  Sept. 11 ground zero air assurances disputed
EPA's 'Safe Air' Statements After 9/11 Criticized
Feds brush off FDNY plea for toxic cleanup
Health problems plague Ground Zero workers
Potential Exposures to Airborne & Settled Surface Dust Following the Collapse of the WTC
Emergency Response: Nadler Says Workplaces Neglected In WTC Dust Cleanup
Rare lung cancer is leaving sorrowful legacy among working class
Air of Uncertainty
Violation Delays WTC Study: Contract award was flawed, agency says



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EPA Report Buries a Revelation
Perspective on the Tragedy at the World Trade Center
EPA cleanup leaves woman in the dust
Nadler: Apt. Cleanup 'Charade'
Bad Air Days From 9/11 Hit Brooklyn Hard
Ground Zero Air More Hazardous Than EPA Admits, Study Says
EPA's 9/11 cleanup needs a fresh look
EPA Downtown Data Doesn't tell the Whole Story
EPA puts residential testing data on Web site
EPA Releases Asbestos Results
Under the Plume:   September 11 produced a new kind of pollution
Fields Calls for Outreach on Residential Cleanup: Survey Finds No Confidence in EPA
Assessing The Scope Of WTC Ailments: Experts study how lung ills   May worsen
Congressman: OSHA's 9/11 Response Endangered Workers
City Struggles to Contend with Widespread WTC Cough
FEMA Extends Air Filter Program
Tracking the Health of Firefighters
'Toxic soup' at Ground Zero?
Impact of   September 11 Attacks on Workers in the Vicinity of the WTC
Use of Respiratory Protection Among Responders at the WTC Site
A Big Victim Is Still Empty After a Year
Health Woes Follow 9/11 Cleanup Crew
Lung Ailments   May Force 500 Firefighters Off Job
World Trade Center Registry  
Firefighters Plagued By Health Problems From WTC Attack
Dusting Off Manhattan
The Air Down There: A year after the attacks, concerns linger
A Year of Dust, Ash and Anguish
Reported Increase in Asthma Severity After   Sept 11 Attacks on the WTC
Assemblyman Labriola Announces World Trade Center Medical Screening Program
CDC Reports Increase in Asthma Severity After 9/11
Almost One Year Later, Lower Manhattan Woman Still Displaced
A Toxic Legacy Lingers as Cleanup Efforts Fall Short
9/11 Study to Probe Birth Defects
Fire Dept. Not Coming Clean on Asbestos Risk?
Fire Heroes' Trucks Still Tainted by WTC Dust
Ground zero clean-up crew developed cough
Ill Winds of 9/11: Little scrutiny for Brooklyn - where toxic smoke drifted
Do lower Manhattan cleanup right
Health Assessment Finds WTC Clean-Up Workers Suffering
EPA Extends Testing Deadline
WTC trucks had wrong dust filters
C.B.1 grills E.P.A. over W.T.C. cleanup
Asbestos Problem at Stuyvesant High School
EPA outlines residential cleanup plans for lower Manhattan
Hillary Presses White House for WTC Health Screen $$$
Asbestos: Alarmingly High Levels
Healing Our World: Weekly Comment -   Sept 11th Environmental Hypocrisy
Registry to Track People Exposed to WTC Collapse
Questions Continue as WTC Recovery Ends
Characterization of the Dust/Smoke Aerosol that Settled East of the WTC
Concern Over Mercury: Tests Show High Levels Near Site
Smoke Screen
Public Airs Ideas At WTC Hearing
Reports of Fungus Spur Discussion
Asbestos on Some Fire Vehicles Exceeds Limits
Firefighters' union says asbestos found in three more trucks
Clinton Announces WTC Health Plan
Critics: WTC Cleanup Too Late
Critics: $100 million dust-cleaning might not help those most at risk
Cleaning Up After 9/11: Respirators, Power and Politics
In Major Reversal, Officials Announce EPA will pay for Cleanup, Testing of NYC Apartments
WTC Minority Workers' Ills Persist
Toxic Fallout (includes incredible streaming video segment)
EPA Considers Paying for Apartment Cleaning
WTC Plan Causes Concern Over Clean Up
Federal judge extends temporary restraining order halting EPA to move ombudsman's office
EPA Accused of Neglect in 9/11 Cleanup
National Ombudsman WTC Hazardous Waste Case Findings & Recommendations to Date
Man's best friend is man's health sentinel
Workers to Clear Asbestos Near WTC
A Red Flag on Air Tests at the WTC
Waiting to Inhale: Six Months Later, Thousands of New Yorkers Still Suffer Health Ills
Officials Prod EPA - Urge Cleanup of Apartments Near WTC
Breathing Problems Detected - 400 WTC workers display similar symptoms    
WTC Dust Advice Is Slammed
EPA Stuck in Haze, Official counters reports that air at Ground Zero is OK
Residents Cite Concerns
Airing Accusations - Nadler: EPA broke law by not clearing asbestos
Ground Zero Air Quality Questioned
Study Finds WTC Pollution Unprecedented
EPA is Censured for Saying New York Air was Safe after Attack
Trade Center Air Held Unprecedented Amounts of Very Fine Particles
Hillary Clinton: Assessing Air Quality at Ground Zero
Senate Eyes ‘Trade Center Cough’
WTC's Air of Uncertainty
Rolling Dust Cloud filled USGS Scientists with Sense of Urgency
Caustic Dust Blankets World Trade Center Area
Something Sinister in the Air over Manhattan
Anxieties over Toxins Rise at Ground Zero
Local WTC Workers Having Health Problems
Sen. Clinton Spearheads Study
Yearning to Breathe in a Toxic Zone
Asthma Plagues Ground Zero Heroes



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Lung Ailments Plague NY Firemen
Asbestos, Lead, PCB Exposure Potential Risk of Environmental Aftermath from WTC
Downwind From Disaster
Is Ground Zero Safe?
EPA Response to   Sept 11: EPA & OSHA Web Sites Provide Environmental Monitoring Data From WTC


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