Paws Fur Some Words of Wisdom
With over 110 poems, dogisms & fun tales to celebrate the joy of Golden living, this is surely the place to come in good times and in bad. So, sit back and go explore and read away . . . . [Please note that some selections were found in the public domain, and an author's name does not appear.]

A to C
A Bridge Called Love
A Dog Letter To G-d
A Dog Show Poem
A Faithful Golden  
A Golden In The Synagogue
A Golden's Ten Commandments   
A Little Golden's Prayer     
A Living Love
A New Breed: Show Dog People
A Pet Dog vs. The Show Dog
A Poem for the Grieving
A Prayer for Animals
A Second Visit To Cinderella
A Special Note to My Goldens
Acquired Canine Obsessive Syndrome
Adventure Dog Wakes Up and Goes Outside
All In The Town
Basic Rules for Goldens who have a House to Run
Best Friend To Your Golden
Bill of Rights
Canine Bumper Stickers
Creation According to Goldens     

D to J
Definition Of Success
Dog Breed Show Terms Explained
Dog Haiku
Dog Shows In Heaven
Dogs In Heaven?
Dogs Live Here
Equal Opportunity Employer
Four Feet
Fun Dogisms
(Golden) Beau    
Golden Friends Understand
Golden Puppy Laws    
He's A Proud Big Guy
Help Me Be My Golden's Best Friend
Honey and Light and Everything Right
How To Make Puppy Pie
I Am Your Dog
I Love My Dogs
If I Didn't Have Goldens . . . .
Just My Golden
Just My Golden Girl     

L to O
Letters to a Young Puppy
Life is Short. Eat Biscuits!
Love is the Golden’s Light    
MDD: Multiple Dog Disorder
Message From Max
More Than a Guide
Mother Doesn't Want A Dog    
My Heart has a Tail
My Heart with the Golden Hair
New Golden Puppy Owners  
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Ode to Mr. Chewman
Our Ten Golden Rules   

S to T
Second Golden
Seeing Eye Dogs
She Walks In Beauty
Some Golden Lessons?     
Special Place
Special Thoughts
10 Easy Ways to See if your Golden Owns You
10 Mind Games Goldens Play With Humans
The Day Before Christmas
The Dog Astrologer
The Dog Virus
The Dog's Cold Nose
The Gold Has Turned to Gray
The Golden Dictionary
The Minister's Tale
The Paradox of our Time
The Piddler
The Pledge: I Will Not
The Twelve Days Of Puppy
The Welcome
30 Reasons Why It's Nice To Be a Golden
This is True Love
Top 10 Ways Martha Stewart Stalking your Golden
Treasured Friend
True Story Of A Seeing Eye Dog
Twelve Days of a Golden Christmas

U to Y
Until the Great Until
Veterinary Automated Telephone System
Walking the Dog
What Goldens Do For Us
What Is a Dog?
When the Time Comes  
Where Do Pets Come From?
Who Ever Loved & Loved Not At First Sight
You Know You Are a Dog Person When...
You Know You Have a Big Dog When...
You Might Be a Dog Person If...


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