Snook's Organic Sweet Potato Chews, Chips & Herbals
Purchases help fund Comparative Oncology Research and Cancer Treatment Grants for Working Dogs 

Online or via pickup, we provide organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, plus items to beautify your home and spirit. As a small volunteer-run nonprofit, we can't compete with the pricing at large stores. However, having no paid staff allows all our net proceeds to fund cancer research and  treatment for working dogs. Sit, stay & shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.


All of the Snook's Products are handmade from Human Grade Organic and Natural Ingredients. Patrice and Chris Snook, have a genuine love and concern for the health and safety of their own animals as well as ours. They take special care in creating their products to make sure they are gentle, but also effective. Sold at Animal Skin and Allergy Clinics, as well as Holistic Veterinary Clinics, they are prefect for dogs with skin sensitivities.

Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chews were the first sweet potato chews to enter the market. And, we feel no one has them beat. There are no other potato & rope chews on the market and Snook's Chips are the only treats made from Organic potatoes. They are also the only company to utilize Natural Vitamin E. While chew size is generally determined by a dog's weight, small dogs love the larger sized chews as well. Dogs actually like to play with and rub their bodies over the hemp once the potato pieces have been eaten. If you have a multiple dog household and need to keep the peace during chew-time, buying a few different sizes can help with differentiating one dog's chew from another.

Snook's Chemical-Free Hemp chews are a healthy choice for dogs to chew on, toss around and tug on! Hemp, which is easy on the soil and is naturally inhospitable to pests, actually thrives without the use of pesticides. A strong, lustrous fiber, hemp withstands heat, mildew and insects. It is easy to wash, durable and softens with use. By using hemp, the strongest natural fiber, we are ensuring durability and benefiting our environment.


Although higher costs are the initial objection to going organic, people are essentially unaware of the critical differences between organic & non-organic products. In a March 2006 article on produce losing vitamins and minerals over the past 50 years, agriculture and nutrition tradeoffs are detailed. "The fruits and vegetables that our parents ate when they were growing up were more nutritious than the ones we'll serve our children tonight. As we have substituted chemical fertilizers, pesticides and monoculture farming for the natural cycling of nutrients and on-farm biodiversity, we have lessened the nutritional value of our produce."

Non-organic fruits and vegetables are repeatedly sprayed and subjected to much pesticide. In fact, there are pesticides and chemical compounds commonly utilized to prolong shelf-life. When you eat non-organic sweet potatoes, you ingest the pesticide botran along with fungicides imazilil, benomyl, and thiabenzadole. These substances are cancer causing and sources of immune system damage. They cannot be removed by peeling and are used to allow longer shelf life, not fresher or safer food.

The shelf life for sweet potatoes, because of the application of these harmful chemicals, is a huge 36 months. That means, the potatoes you could be buying are not only questionable with respect to toxicity, they are also lower in nutrients due to the amount of time they may be waiting for distribution. Organic sweet potatoes, which do not utilize such pesticides or fungicides, have a shelf life of only 9 months. Organic fruits and vegetables have been shown to be higher in nutrients, and many studies have clearly proven the case for organics. Organic produce tastes better and reduces pesticide exposure. Organic produce contains 30% higher levels of antioxidants and organic farming can cut mycotoxin risk by over 50%. [Further discussion of mycotoxins can be found here.]

Non-organic chemical farming methods, which can speed up growth rates, cause structural changes to the plant─the plant then containing more water. That means the plant will contain less nutrients. In other words when you buy organic produce you get more potato for your potato. Organic plants also contain10-15% more phenolics, defense compounds believed to be helpful in preventing diseases such as cancer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sweet Potato Chews are not meant to be consumed quickly as it is a concentrated amount of sweet potato that your dog would be ingesting. Only allow your dog to chew off 1-2 potato pieces at a daily sitting. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, that time taken could be rather short. So, monitoring is necessary. Also, it is best to have your dog work on his chew on a floor surface or outdoors.

X-Large Snook's Organic Sweet Potato Chew 
Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chews are made with Organic Sweet Potatoes, Chemical Free Hemp and Love.

Sweet Potato Dog Chews are a great alternative to bones and rawhide and help keep teeth and gums healthy and clean.

The approximate overall length of the X-Large Chew is 20-21 inches. As these chews are made by hand, the measurements listed here may vary. Price: $27.90

This purchase includes FREE glossy puppy stickers and art illustration greeting card ($4 value).


1-pound Bag Snook's Organic Sweet Potato Chips
Medium to large size soup-bone shaped dried sweet potatoes. These Sweet Potato Dog Chips are made with Organic Sweet Potatoes and Love.

Sizes may vary but generally pieces are 2 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch high.

These chips are good to use for treats, and for dogs that tend to devour dog chews very quickly. And, they help with keeping teeth and gums healthy and clean. Price: $16.99

This purchase includes FREE glossy puppy stickers and art illustration greeting card ($4 value).



1-pound Bag Snook's Organic Sweet Potato Biscuits *NEW  
Small biscuit size pieces of dried sweet potatoes. These are the cores that are punched out of the center of the other Sweet Potato products. They are about the size of an apple core and make great training treats. The biscuits are made with Organic Sweet Potatoes and Love.

There are round slices and core type pieces. Sizes may vary but generally the round slices are 1 inches x 1 inches x 1/8 inch high and the core parts are 1 inches x inches x inch high.

These biscuits help with keeping teeth and gums healthy and clean. Price: $16.99

This purchase includes FREE glossy puppy stickers and art illustration greeting card ($4 value).

Snook's Tooth Oil
Human Grade Essential Oils of Myrrh, Anise, Spearmint and Clove are blended in a Vegetable Glycerin Base in this product.

We apply the oil to our Alfie with a doggie tooth brush. Then give some Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chips or Chews to help remove tarter build up. This will help to keep teeth and gums healthy and clean. And, it HELPS FRESHEN BREATH!

Provided in a ounce amber bottle. Price: $12.99


Snook's Calming Flowers & Sage   
Human Grade Essential Oils of Bergamont, Ylang Ylang, Sage and Lavender are blend with Distilled Water in this product. It smells wonderful!

This blend is fine to use with dogs that have sensitive skin.

Essential Oil Blends can be sprayed directly on your companion animals or their beds. It will leave your dog smelling great. No perfumes or fragrance oils are used. Deodorizes beds. Provided in an 8-ounce green bottle. Price: $10.99