Show and Tell: A Golden Sharing of Tales
There are many wonderful tales and photos here for you to enjoy. And, don't forget that we are always looking to enrich the Gold here—which can only be done through personal stories from our devoted supporters. If you have a special Golden tale to share, just send it along with photos to:

  Personal Beliefs and Pet Love: The Connection
Learn how religion and its principles are  the human-canine bond.

  Amazing Grace
Experience a moving 9/11 tale.

  Golden Dasher's Ending
Have fun discovering the Golden endings to a contest story.

  Have Goldens...Will Travel
Check out the many Goldens who join their parents in travels across the U.S.

  Canine Comedians
Be tickled by all the Jerry Seinfeld's and Ellen Degeneres' of the canine world.

  Bailey's Golden Lessons
Delight in the photos and verse that speak so well to Golden times.

  U.S. Senate's Golden Girls
Learn about Golden Mom Rochelle's visit to the U.S. Senate, tugging along her Darcy to play the role of a token Golden Retriever.

  Charlie Book Signing Party
Enjoy the special experiences that came from meeting Karen and Doris Kraushaar, the authors of the book, Gas Station Charlie.

  I Love (Golden) Lucy
Meet Lucy and her dad, Chandler Rudd. Their family photos are pure classics.

  Just Think About It
Contemplate some interesting canine wonders. 


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