Bailey's Golden Lessons
Bailey Bymyside: Golden Lessons for Life, written by Patricia Kennedy, with illustrations by Robert Christie, went to press on October 4, 2000. The book is a timeless one and no matter how many times I take it out to enjoy, it is always fresh and poignant. Here is the review I wrote for the book.

Click here to support rescue and get Bailey's book!I received a copy of this book hot off the presses; and, I imagine that it will always remain a treasured part of my personal library. Not only are the Golden photos and situations universally recognizable, but the accompanying Golden "lessons" are truly therapeutic. As a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Private Clinician, and Graduate School Instructor, I utilize a cognitive-behavioral style such as that noted in Ellis' Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy [REBT]. And, it is that same kind of rational thinking that shouts out from this book. You see, sometimes us human folks fail to watch our Golden Retrievers close enough and we consequently miss the big picture. We fail to understand how our furry companions are so proficient at managing the ups and downs of life. Patty Kennedy's precious "Golden Lessons" do just that. They set out to help people think in a better more healthy way. And, in REBT, it is only when we are able to THINK better, that we will come to FEEL better. Bailey's Mom and our Darcy during our visit to the U.S. Senate

This FEEL BETTER book has an incredible 106 pages with 52 full-color Golden Retriever illustrations & lessons. One scene typifies what Goldens continually do for us, rain or shine. It shows Golden Bailey smiling at the family's front door as it is being opened due to someone returning home. This illustration is accompanied by the lesson: "that it's not the size of the house that matters, but the love that dwells within." A deceptively simple statement, but one that is so often ignored. How much we worry about what others think about our homes -- whether they are big enough, have the best furnishings, or are in the best of neighborhoods. Yet, when it comes down to what truly matters, it's whether you have made this house into a warm, loving 'home,' appreciating the strength and well-being that can come from such a place of love. Do yourself a favor and get this book. You certainly don't want to miss learning about Bailey's other 50+ lessons!

To visit Patty during our visit to the U.S. Senate, click here. And, to see the winners of the Goldens Bymyside photo contest she helped sponsor, just click here. Now, here are 11 of Bailey's Golden Lessons to wet your appetite. To see the other 41 lessons — well ... you'll just have to get your own copy of the book!











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