ParkerPerformance Arts for canines ranges from teaching your Goldens the simple trick of giving their paw to that of directing a sequence of scripted movements for a photo shoot, television commercial, or movie. Most performing dogs start out by learning individual tricks. Then, these tricks are sequenced together into routines. This guy here is Parker, one of the dudes to play in the Air Bud movie series. Don't you just love those sneakers?

As a school psychologist, we utilized behavior therapy and its principles all the time, on kids, that is! But, they're the same for our canine friends. Two things are really important, though, to be successful. The first “have to” is consistency. That is, whatever you are doing, it has to be presented the same way, over and over again, until it sticks. And, the second has to do with timing. That is, your good buddy has to know exactly what he or she has done to get the reward. And, what's the reward? A food treat paired with your really happy and bouncy praise for a job well done).

Want to see our Alfie and Darcy performing some tricks? Click here to see Alfie's adorable standup beg and Darcy's ability to do complex mathematics & simple dance kicks. A very important part to any trick or behavior taught is to respect your buddy's need to really get it. It's gotta stick, and it will stick forever, if you do it enough times. There are no dumb dogs out there, just humans that are poor teachers.

When kids or canines learn a new behavior, it must first be reinforced every time it occurs. But, if we don't gradually change that, then they won't do the behavior unless that present is waiting. While we still do use food reinforcers, we do not reward every time and we now require more than one behavior to be treated. An intermittent schedule of reinforcement is the best at increasing the chances of our doing certain behaviors. That's why slot machines are so popular. We all know that it's rare that the bells start ringing and money starts pouring out of the machine. But, we sure do stick around a long time putting in our money waiting for the big prize!

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