Meet Golden Media Star Ikea

Ikea is a Demonstration Assistance Dog from the UK. Learn more about him by checking out this great article. 

A new star is launched: Ikea proves his ability
K9 Perspective Magazine, Issue 31

Sandra Parton with Golden Ikea, Budgens Store manager Mark Gallagher, and some samples of Ikea's advertising work.

ILL health may have prevented Canine Partner Ikea from completing his training as an assistance dog, but his continuing contribution to the work of the charity has continued. Golden retriever Ikea was only eight months old when he was forced to "retire" because of ill health but he has gone on loyally serving CP ever since.

It was touch and go whether he would survive in those early months as he suffered with a series of illnesses which continue to this day to baffle the vets. Despite his long term health problems, "Ikea gives his all," said Sandra Parton, Canine Partners' puppy operations co-ordinator, "never complaining and always tail wagging". He mans the Canine Partners stands from early morning to late night and takes part in demonstrations (including Crufts) so that the full working dogs don't have an extra burden of work added to their day.

Sandra adopted Ikea when he "retired" and they share their Clanfield home with her husband Allen Parton and well known dog, Endal. Ikea has often featured with Endal in photos but up until now it has been a case of "always the bridesmaid".

However, all this has recently changed when Ikea attended a photographic studio in Slough where the Partons where having a family photograph taken. On the same day there was a photoshoot for a range of Budgens Pet Foods and the golden retriever that had been arranged was unable to attend the studio. So reliable and dependable Ikea stepped in to the breech as is his norm, and saved the day.

After a successful photoshoot, Ikea leaves for home with a sample of his work.

It was just after the new year when Sandra Parton visited Midhurst's Budgens store and was delighted and so proud to see Ikea's image beaming out from the shelves of the pet food section. Ikea at long last has had his personal moment of fame and glory ... it is true then that "every dog will have it's day"!

To celebrate his achievement a photoshoot was arranged on Wednesday at Budgens Midhurst store and like a seasoned professional Ikea posed perfectly alongside bags of food, on which he stars, for the camera man that attended. "He was treated like a celebrity while having his picture taken" said Sandra, "everything that was asked of him he cheerfully produced and his tail never stopped wagging throughout!"