This listing has been culled over many years, so some celebrities will currently be Golden-less. There are also listings that are more historical in nature.

DAN MARINO is an American Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the Miami Dolphins in the National Football League. He has a Golden Retriever named Ginger [2003].

darren.jpg (22994 bytes)DARREN MCCARTY (professional hockey player) has two Golden boys named Jake and Archie. Now, I tell you, this is one handsome family!

Darren's dad also has a Golden named Craig. Craig came on board when Darren's dad became ill with cancer, to help provide him with loads of unconditional, healing love.



MAUREEN MCCORMICK (actress from TV show,  Brady Bunch) has a Golden Retriever named Violet.



PETER MANDELSON (Northern Ireland Secretary of State) has a Golden named Bobby.

AMELIE MAURESMO (world famous French tennis player) has 2 Golden Retrievers, a mother (Sophia) and son. Isn't this photo of Amelie and her Sophia resting together wonderful ... especially Sophia's paw resting on her mom?

When asked the funniest thing her dogs have ever done, this was the reply:

When you see how they are, they're actually not really funny!

For those of you who don't know, I have two Golden Retrieversa mother and her son.

They're very well behaved, but I can remember one time when the little one caused some trouble... I was making my dinner and left some foie graswhich is sort of an appetizer in France, spread on bread and eaten with some sweet white wine, on the counter. I left for 20 seconds and when I came back, the little one was on the counter and the food was nowhere to be seen. He ate it! But that was the only thing I can think of. He never did it again (probably because I was angry at him, after laughing a little bit of course!)


RICKY MARTIN (singer) has a Golden Retriever named Icaro.


PETER MARTINS (dancer with the NY City Ballet) has four Golden Retrievers.


JAMAL MASHBURN (basketball player) has a Golden Retriever named Scooby.

LEE MAJORS (actor) has a Golden Retriever named Blue.

DMITRY MEDVEDEV (Russian President) has a Golden Retriever named Aldo.


At the Black Sea resort, Sochi, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Premier Vladimir Putin took to the court for a badminton game.

However, President Medvedev’s Golden Retriever, Aldo, did not want to be left out and seemed intent on joining the game.

Btw, we cannot believe how much Aldo looks like our Golden guy Alfie.


GEORGE MICHAEL (singer) has a Golden named Hippy.

SHANNON MILLER (USA Medal winning gymnast) has a Golden named Dusty.


BEVERLEY MITCHELL (actress on Seventh Heaven) has two Golden Retrievers. She was featured in Stars and Their Pets, a column in the magazine, In Touch, shot by Christopher Ameruso.

Beverley received two early Christmas presents in 2006, two Golden puppies that she named Bentley and Jackson.

She actually compares Bentley to J.Lo because of her inner diva, and she compares Jackson to Paul Walker because he’s so adorable and happy-go-lucky.

Here she is playing and having a ball with one of her guys.


HEIDI MONTAG (reality television performer, The Hills) has a Golden Retriever named Chance. Here she is with her boyfriend Spencer Pratt on a beach in Malibu.

ERIC MONTROSS (basketball player) has a Golden Retriever named Gus.

Mary and ShadowMARY TYLER MOORE (TV and movie actress) currently has a Golden Retriever named Shadow. This handsome fellow was adopted in the summer of 1999 from Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue (YGRR). Mary has been a dedicated advocate for shelter animals for several years now. She chose to adopt, noting that "As long as dogs are being put to death, I cannot buy a dog."

Mary and DashMary and Golden Shadow are currently helping YGRR with a new membership recruitment drive. This gorgeous photo (by Timothy White) is featured on their "Join Us" flyer. Membership dues and donations are needed to pay for the Rescue Goldens' veterinary care and shelter until they're adopted.
Even though we live in Maryland and support our own two local Golden rescues, we are also proud supporting members of YGRR.

In Roger Caras' 1997 book, The BOND: People and Their Animals, Mary posed at the time with her Golden Retriever Dash (who sadly has since died). She talked about her and her husband (Robert Levine, cardiologist) both sharing a passion with animals.

"Within six months of their marriage they had Dash, the Golden Retriever. They used a crate at night as part of the training regimen, and Robert slept on the floor next to the crate for the first couple of nights until the puppy settled in."



ESAI MORALES (former NYPD Blue and Vanished actor) has a Golden Retriever named Corduroy and a Weimaraner named Frankie. Here he is shot by Christopher Ameruso for In Touch Weekly’s Stars and Their Pets column.



MICKEY MORANDINI (pro baseball player) owns several Golden Retrievers.


BILL MURRAY (actor in the movies Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day) has a Golden named Bark.



WARREN "PETE" MUSSER (Safeguard Scientifics Chairman) has a 6-year-old Golden Retriever named Higgins. This big guy has the run of Safeguard's offices when Musser brings him to work. "I can't bring him to the office every day because he'd get too fat," Musser said. "Nobody can resist giving him tidbits to eat. "Golden Retrievers have such wonderful attributes. Loyalty. Friendship. Support. Love. Wouldn't it be great if people had all those attributes?"


BOB NEWHART (TV sitcom star and comedian) has a Golden named Freddie.

PAUL NEWMAN (actor in the movies Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Color of Money) has a Golden named Lucky.

JACK NICKLAUS (professional golfer) has had many Goldens, his first being Lady. And Lady's mom was Liberty, President Ford's Golden. Now, Cali is the latest (and actually the fourth female) in a long line of Goldens that have been loyal and loved members of his family. In this photo here, Cali is starring as the pinup for JUNE 2000 in Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation's Incredible Dog-Loving Celebrities Salute Year 2000 Calendar.

Cali is short for the place of her birth, California. She loves to join in Dad's practicing of his short game in their yard, always bringing back the ball . . . albeit with teeth marks. But, her most impressive and cutest trick is barking six times when asked how often her dad has won the Masters.



MICHAEL NOURI (actor in the movie Fame) has a Golden Retriever.

KIM NOVAK (actress in the movies Picnic and Vertigo) owns several Golden Retrievers.

CONAN O'BRIEN (TV talk show host) has a Golden Retriever named Hudson.

BOBBY ORR (Hall of Fame ice hockey player) has a Golden Retriever.

ARNOLD PALMER (professional golf star) has had Goldens named Prince and Riley. Currently (2004), his family includes Golden Mulligan. This endearing photo on the edge of a peer shows Arnold with his Riley boy.

A recent news article talked about Arnold's love for animals: "He's very sensitive," says Kathleen (Kit) Gawthrop, who has been Palmer's companion over the past three years. "We might be watching television, and if something happens to a dog in a commercial, it will affect him." Palmer's last dog, Prince, a golden retriever like his predecessor, Riley, died in 2000 at age 6 while running along a fairway at Latrobe Country Club.


MICHAEL PARE (actor in the movies Eddie and the Cruisers and The Last Hour) has a Golden named Cody.

Sara's GoldensSARA PARETSKY (investigative reporter and also author of the V.I. Warshawski mystery novels) has a Golden Retriever named Callie, as shown here in these photographs.

Sara is especially partial to Golden Retrievers (of course) which is why her developed fictional character of V.I. has two dogs—Peppy and Mitch. 



LEON PANETTA (Previous Director of CIA; Defense Secretary 2011-) has a Golden named Bravo.  Bravo, joined him on the stage at his CIA farewell ceremony, and of course, is expected to sit in on his meetings in the Pentagon’s E ring. We learned about this in a funny way, though, when reading an October 2011 article in the New York Times by famous author, John Grogan:

"A few years ago while in Carmel, Calif., I spotted a man struggling to control a golden retriever lunging down the sidewalk on a leash. When the dog owner turned I immediately recognized him as Leon Panetta, the former chief of staff to President Clinton and soon-to-be-named director of the C.I.A. and, later, secretary of defense. Here was one of the world’s most powerful men, and yet in the battle between man and canine, well, let’s just say he could have used reinforcements."

A Reporter's Notes on Handover at the Pentagon
Thursday will be a “goodbye” day at the Pentagon for departing Defense Secretary Robert Gates even as behind the scenes senior officials are already getting ready to say “hello” Friday morning to incoming Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Panetta is expected to head up the Pentagon’s massive outdoor stone staircase on Friday morning and get right to work. Pentagon officials tell CNN Panetta will have a morning meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the secure room known as “the tank” and a senior staff meeting to get his tenure off to a brisk start. Insiders say look for a Panetta’s traditional yellow pad of paper to be quickly covered with notes, ideas and plenty of questions.

Panetta stepped down as director of the CIA earlier this week. A lot of CIA-Pentagon “watchers” are waiting to see if the former CIA chief Panetta brings one very important personal “operative’ with him to his new post at the Pentagon – his golden retriever named Bravo. Bravo has been a semi regular at the agency, padding the hallways and sitting at Panetta’s feet during some of the most classified briefings inside the agency. Bravo is widely described by straightfaced CIA officials trying not to smile as the only dog in government with a ‘very top secret clearance.”

CNN's American Morning July 1, 2011
STARR: There is Bravo, the wonder dog, who we will introduce everyone to I'm sure the coming weeks and months. Bravo is an absolutely gorgeous golden retriever! You see him there with Panetta and Mrs. Panetta at a ceremony. This is just the world's most gorgeous dog. Bravo went to staff meetings at the CIA, around the secret hallways with the director when Panetta was there. He is described by CIA operatives as the only dog in Washington with a top secret clearance.

VELSHI: Can he do anything cool because he's a CIA dog?


STARR: Not that we know of. Other than sit around and wag his tail and look at you with these incredible big brown eyes.


ANNA PAQUIN (actress who won Oscar at age 11 for performance in movie, "The Piano") has a Golden named Jessie.


ELSA PATAKY (actress best known for her role in Snakes on Planes) has a Golden Retriever (pictured here).



NORMAN VINCENT PEALE (clergyman and author of The Power of Positive Thinking) had a Golden named Buff.

GREGORY PECK (actor in the movies Moby Dick and To Kill a Mockingbird) has a Golden Retriever.

JOE PESCI (actor and comedian) has a Golden Retriever.

BERNADETTE PETERS (singer & actress) has a Golden Retriever named Breshnev.

DAVE PRICE (weatherman on CBS Early Show) has a Golden Retriever named Chance, as in "Chance of Showers". He also just got a new Golden pupper (9/07). Here is the story of how Dave came to give his guy, "A Second Chance"

Dave Price had been asking the ASPCA for months to look out for a "Golden Retriever type" dog that needed a home. Dave has never had a dog of his own and has always wanted one and wanted to rescue a dog in need from a shelter.

Chance had a rough start in life -- he was rescued from a junk yard situation by the ASPCA's Humane Law Enforcement agents, where he was infested with ticks and severely neglected. After one month at the ASPCA's Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, Chance quickly won the hearts of the ASPCA staff, and was ready to be placed in a very special home. Valerie Angeli, ASPCA Director of Public Information and Special Projects, knew that Dave and Chance would be an ideal match, and that Dave's active and athletic lifestyle would be perfect for a retriever type dog. As a spokesperson for shelter animals and adoption, Price knows the commitment and responsibility involved in bringing a new pet home. He admits that he was never quite ready to make such a huge commitment, due to his hectic TV schedule, but has recently decided that he has the time and proper resources to provide a wonderful life for a shelter animal.

Already a "neurotic Doggie Dad," Dave has prearranged deliveries of the very best dog food, treats and toys available and has scheduled Chance for Doggie Daycare and runs in Central Park with friends. The ASPCA wants to wish Dave and Chance a long, active and happy life together. Chance wishes to tell anyone who wants to bring a pet into their life, to please look no further than their local shelter for their new best friend.




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