Lucille Ball on a film set in 1954

In 1994, Jay Bush, spokesperson for Bush's Baked Beans, was on location shooting a commercial when the local sheriff stopped by accompanied by his very loyal partner—a Golden named Duke.

Don't tell Duke!During the shoot, Duke's ears perked up every time Jay said his famous line, "Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage."

With each take, and scent of delicious baked beans in the air, Duke grew more anxious until finally he barked (well, actually yelled), "Roll that Beautiful Bean Footage!"

After hearing this, a script change made this incredible talking dude part of the ad. And, Duke has been a part of Bush's Baked Beans advertising ever since, involved in so many fun television ads.




But, that's not the main reason you stopped on by. You came here to discover which authors, TV personalities, movie actors, artists, and sports stars are owned by Golden Retrievers!

We actually have over 160 celebrities in this special Golden club. So, have loads of fun checking out all the famous! P.S.: If you want to discover lots of retrievers who made their mark on Television shows, just click here.



Could this be true? You decide . . . .

Angelina Jolie - Golden Retriever causes trouble for her on movie set
By Daryl D, LA Gossip Examiner,  April 17, 2009

A Golden Retriever has been a major cause of Angelina Jolie's problems on the set of her new film, Salt, for the past couple days. Angelina and the dog are required to do four scenes together but the dog, who goes by the name of Bingo, is not cooperating with Ms. Jolie. But some people say it's the other way around.

"Bingo is a very loving dog and everybody on the set is falling in love with him," the source tells me. "But Angelina Jolie hasn't been very nice to him. Bingo would go up to Angelina so she could pet him and she would say, "Please get this thing away from me!" In one scene today, Bingo was supposed to come running to Angelina when she fell off a ladder. Instead, Bingo ran right past Angelina and into the arms of an audio technician. It was obvious Bingo wanted nothing to do with Angelina, who has some dogs of her own for the sake of her kids, but generally doesn't like them.

"Bingo is very well trained and has been in several movies. But golden retrievers can sense if someone is fake and cold, like Angelina Jolie," a production assistant told me." Rumor has it that Bingo will be getting his pink slip this weekend.

The continuing saga . . .
Angelina Jolie - Now, a Pyrenees named Angel causes problems on film set
Angelina Jolie - Will hand Pyrenees pink slip this week


Enjoy some Celebrity's Books of Gold
Life is Good!: Lessons in Joyful Living
This book was written by Trixie and Dean Koontz. People often say they wish they could have a dog’s life, with nothing to do but play, eat and sleep. In this charming gift book, popular novelist Koontz channels his Golden, Trixie, a former Canine Companions for Independence service dog, to get her tips on the good life. In breathless, stylized dog grammar ("Chase ball! Chase butterfly! Chase cat!"), Koontz advocates long naps, daydreaming and appreciating nature. Some of the advice is clichéd ("take time to smell the flowers"), but Trixie also wants people to "eat joyfully" and to think of themselves as movie stars (though "don’t get drunk, punch reporter").

The book is laid out beautifully, with adorable pictures of Trixie playing, napping and nuzzling Koontz. In the margins of some pages, she ponders various "eternal mysteries" such as "did Shakespeare really write his plays himself or did his dog help?" She tells amusing stories and confides her fantasies, one being that a big rig carrying hot dogs will overturn: "I’m only dog for miles around, and same day Mom buys 20-gallon drum of mustard." 

Christmas Is Good!: Trixie Treats & Holiday Wisdom
Click here to order!This book was written by Golden Retriever, Trixie Koontz, along with Dean R. Koontz as Editor. Sit! Stay! Eat! Celebrate! Trixie has plenty of advice for sniffing out the true spirit of Christmas, keeping the holidays stress free, and finding that perfect gift - you can never go wrong with hot dogs! CHRISTMAS IS GOOD! is an irresistible stocking stuffer full of furry tidbits to maximize yuletide fun -- including caroling with cats (if necessary), baking tasty sausage, peanut-butter Christmas biscuits, and making yourself fluffier for all the holiday parties. It's the ultimate guide to Christmas cheer for pet lovers everywhere!

Trixie wrote this book to give a special Christmas gift to her friends who are service dogs for people with disabilities. She is donating her royalties to Canine Companions for Independence, the national organization that breeds and trains service dogs for adults and children with disabilities.

Bliss to You: Trixie’s Guide to a Happy Life
Bestselling author Dean Koontz says that his dog, Trixie, changed his life and made him a better, happier person. A 68-pound dog who lived close to the ground, Trixie certainly did cast a long shadow. She first became known outside of her own house (dog-house, that is) as a guest blogger on Dean’s website, signing off every entry Life is Good, Bliss to You. Now, in this warm and funny book–as told to Dean Koontz–Trixie once again shares her inspiring outlook on life and reveals the eight steps that anyone can take to achieve not merely happiness, but bliss.

Packed with dog wisdom, both poignant and funny, this charming and heartfelt book gives the reader much food for thought–which might not be as tasty as a bowl of kibble but is nonetheless nourishing. This MUST-HAVE book (I’m sure since I have all the other books by Trixie) was released on September 16, 2008. Click here to order! You can also get this publication as a CD Audiobook.

The BOND: People and Their Animals
This book was was written by Roger A. Caras, with photography by Shel Secunda, and published by Simon & Schuster in November 1997. This book captures the unique kinship between people and the animals they love. Guy Coheleach (wildlife artist), Morley Safer, Mary Tyler Moore and Jane Alexander all share their love of Goldens.


Famous model Golden Rusty