serious lovingOur Little Lord Alfie's puppy love has helped to lick loneliness through Pets on Wheels This program, which uses cold noses to warm hearts, is featured throughout the many counties in our state of Maryland. We have become involved with Pets on Wheels in Howard County through its Coordinator, Tricia Robson. Tricia also happens to be a Golden breeder (her kennel's name is Friendship Golden Retrievers). She is the very special and wonderful lady who gave us our Friendship Darcy Makena NA NAJ CGC, here at the Land of PureGold.

Pets on Wheels is a friendship visitation program of volunteers and their pets. Happy times are all too few for many confined to nursing homes, hospitals or other institutions. But, a cold, wet nose and a wagging tail can actually warm hearts and cause loneliness to disappear. Pets with their unconditional love, have a power beyond any words - the power to heal loneliness and isolation. You, too, can share the love of your pet. First, your pet must pass a temperament test, have his/her up-to-date immunizations, and show that he/she is well controlled and sociable. Then you'll be able to participate in short weekly visits to those who don't have regular visits from family or friends. An orientation is held that includes a supervised initial visit.

Alfie made it to the cover of the Fall 1999 Pets on Wheels Newsletter of Howard County, MD! Check it out by clicking HERE.

Alfie's First Volunteer Visit: August 4, 1999
This waslove squeeze an exciting visit for both Alfie and the residents at Chancellor Gardens, a new and truly lovely assisted living home in Howard County. Kathy Black, the activities coordinator, had so wanted to get a pup to visit. And, we were certainly honored to have Alfie be her first candidate. Typically, more mature and settled dogs are utilized in such a program. But, puppies hold a very special appeal for old and young alike.

This wheelchair-bound resident was thrilled to see Alfie and hugged him and stroked him as much as she could. I don't think she could get enough of him, though.

Alfie sure made a hit with this dog lover. While initially lying down in bed when we arrived, she eventually became much more involved with Alfie, sitting up and stroking and holding him. He was so relaxed that he fell asleep at her feet and later cuddled within her hand.


bedtime funa handful

Now, is this an angelic pose or what? Boy, were we proud of how well he was doing at the home. Alfie sure did get some special attention here. It was so sweet and soothing for everyone in the room to take in his oh-so-peaceful presence.

loving handfulpetting power

You can tell that everybody is getting some rewards from such attention.

 pose pretty

This picture shows a lovely resident who had been an elementary school teacher for 30 years. Also, on the right is our very own Tricia helping with Alfie. He was truly an armful!

garden fun stage right

Here is our boy with one of his many toys, taking a break and checking out his surroundings. Of course, such a pose could not last for long. Alfie had serious business and went about retrieving his dumbbell and heading out! Luckily, he couldn't get too far. This incredible garden was an enclosed one off of the home's dining room. 

Alfie's Second Volunteer Visit: August 17, 2000
WeSo sillyll, this was Alfie's first trial visit following his puppy debut. He still is busy learning lots of obedience, and may not be quite ready to start is career fulltime. But, we still love him the same. Alfie returned to see his biggest fan at Chancellor Gardens, which is now under new management and has been renamed "Summerville."

He did a pretty good job, but it still is hard for him to settle, just yet. But, Mrs. Hainer didn't seem to mind too much. Of course, she wanted him to just lie and give her some furry soft comfort. See how she is trying to stroke and calm him. But, that silly grin on his face should tell you he's still raring to go! Oh, how excited she was to see her little friend. The last time, a little over a year ago, Alfie was small enough to fit into her arms.

My duckieMrs. Hainer got pretty tired at one point, so I got out Alfie's duck to keep him busy. He needs to have his own furry companion, too, of course. And, you know the old saying, have duck . . . . will travel! We will wait a bit before letting Alfie pay another visit. He is still kind of full of himself.

The one area, though, that he excels in is his soft nuzzling mouth. He has never been a biter, and takes food from your hand as gentle as a baby. Mrs. Hainer just loved giving him treats today.




Darcy's Visit: August 16, 2000
A happy Pets-on-Wheels VolunteerDarcy has made many Pets-on-Wheels visits this past year, and has even given a few agility demonstrations for residents and other members of the Pets-on-Wheels organization. Folks love it when she performs for them.

We have even taken her dog-a-polt, which showcases those skills dogs need in the sport of flyball. And, she also will demonstrate her obedience skills, able to follow voiced or solely hand commands.

Darcy is a welcome guest but seems to think that she owns the place when visiting. She does remember particular folks, though, and hastily takes me to specific rooms. Here, Darcy is being greeted by one of the home's biggest animal lovers.

And, this picture shows what most folks want to do when they see her lovely face and feel her silky smooth coat. No one can resist hugging Darcy, and she truly loves being loved!

How have you been?   Being loved


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