Puppy Visit at Chancellor Gardens
By Tricia Robson, Pets on Wheels Program Coordinator, Howard County, MD Pets on Wheels Newsletter, Fall 1999

Back in August I arranged for a friend who just got a new puppy to make a special visit to the residents of Chancellor Gardens.
Golden Retriever "Alfie" pictured here in these photos was just 9-weeks-old and fresh from a trip to the vet for a health check when we set him loose on these unsuspecting residents. What a time we had!!
Alfie is unusually calm and quiet for a youngster, and he was the perfect little cuddler for the whole afternoon.
His "mom" Rochelle and I had the best time taking him from lap to lap and room to room. He spread more sunshine that day then we could have imagined.

What a privilege it was to see the happy faces, the smiles and hugs, and arms reaching to hold him!
I would like to arrange more puppy visits, although it takes a bit of planning and the right timing. If you know of someone with a well bred and cared for litter who might consider sharing for an afternoon, please let me know.




Alfie's Back

By Tricia Robson, Pets on Wheels Program Coordinator, Howard County, MD Pets on Wheels Newsletter, Fall 2000

Many of you rememSo sillyber the photos we had in the newsletter last year of the visit we made to Chancellor Gardens (now Summerville) with Rochelle Lesser and her Golden Retriever puppy Alfie. He was just 9 weeks old then, and a cuddly bundle of fuzzy pale, pale golden fur.
Well, Alfie's all grown up now, and recently he was back at Summerville to see some of his friends! Rochelle sent in some photos of this big beautiful boy, and it looks like he is ready to move in there and live in Mrs. Heiner's room!   

Alfie is being shown the finer points of pet visitation by his housemate, and more experienced pet visitor, Darcy (She happens to be one of my Jazz's puppies.)

Thanks, Rochelle for sharing your dogs. They even have their own website! Find them at Landofpuregold.com (and Landofpuregold.com/wheels.htm ).


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