Enjoy our Storywriting Contest Entries

Entry 1: More than a Guide
Entry 2: You Are The One
Entry 3: My Golden Heart Healer
Entry 4: Sweet Encounters of a Golden Kind
Entry 5: Charlie
Entry 6: Bob, Bob Bobbing Along
Entry 7: Golden Therapy
Entry 8: My Own Special Healers
Entry 9: Not Just My Buddy
Entry 10: Toffee, My Life-Saving Candy!
Entry 11: Belle is More than "Beautiful"
Entry 12: My "Golden Nurses"
Entry 13: Hope Springs Eternal
Entry 14: One Small Step On the Road Back
Entry 15: Murphy Love

Entry 16: Two Goldens: A Mutual Healing
Entry 17: Jingle Bello
Entry 18: Joe's Friend, Buddy
Entry 19: In Memory of Rovie Dog
Entry 20: My Angel Buster
Entry 21: The Wizard of Oz
Entry 22: Each Golden has a Silver Lining
Entry 23: Boone
Entry 24: My Little Golden Ambassador
Entry 25: Golden Love
Entry 26: My Journey from Depression to Joy!
Entry 27: Messenger From Above
Entry 28: There Will Always be Smiling Blue Skies
Entry 29: Alice & Abel (and 4 other CCI puppies)
Entry 30: Buddy My Teacher