You Are The One

Eleven years ago my partner and I made a decision to raise a Guide Dog Puppy. We were so excited to raise this little girl Bay. Then the unimaginable happened. Isabelle was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My first thoughts were to let someone else finish raising this little Golden puppy. Both Isabelle and Bay would have nothing to do with this. I am so very happy we made the decision to keep Bay until her time to go back to school for her formal training. Below please find what Isabelle wanted me to read at Bay's graduation should she make it that far. Isabelle knew that she would not be there for Bay's special moment. Isabelle passed away one week before Bay was to come back home, as she did not make it through the Guide Dog program. I think she came home to watch over me during this terribly sad time. I have included a picture of Bay today as she too faces serious sickness and is at the end of her life. My only hope is that I can make her passing as gentle as she made Isabelle's. Thank you for letting me share this story.
– Pat Lawson of Chandler, Arizona

     When we picked you up, the first thing I noticed were your warm puppy eyes. I wondered if you could ever know how important they would someday be to another. How could I know how important they would become to me?
     Much is said about what a Guide Dog means to their partner. Not enough can ever be said about that wonderful relationship. For now though, please allow me to share what you have meant to me, sweet puppy. I will not be there for your special moment. And even if you are not meant to become a guide, I want you to know something that comes straight from my heart: You Are The One.
     You’re the one that gave me strength to endure each chemo treatment, never leaving my side. You’re the one who gave me a smile when I couldn’t find one for myself. You’re the one whose soft fur I could stand to feel against my skin so tender from radiation. You’re the one whose very presence lifted the hearts of everyone in the doctor’s office. And boy did we need that! In fact, everywhere we went, people gave us their very best smiles.
     In a year that could have been so sad and tragic, you gave us fun, adventure and new friends. I do not fear for you as you leave us because your confidence shines through. And because of your so very obvious example of bravery, I no longer fear for myself. Thank you sweet puppy for this year. There could have been no greater a gift given to me.
     Now it’s time for someone else to discover what I’ve come to know . . . You Are The One.


Entry written by Isabelle Cully Bruce
* Honorable Mention Award Recipient

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