Three Little Amish Girls for the Taking
Pam, shown here with three little Amish Golden rescues (left to right, Darcy, Gussie & Sheila), has been a supporter of the Land of PureGold for many years now, our having helped her when she took in a disabled rescue love named Polar.

Although Pam has been involved with Golden Rescue for many years, she is now an official evaluator with Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc. of New Jersey (GRRI-NJ). Evaluators personally evaluate the temperament and behavior of each Golden being considered for the rescue's  program. Experience and knowledge of dog behavior is essential for this important job.


May 3, 2007
This morning I passed a sign which read "Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale....Greatly reduced prices." I had to stop in to check things out. I found three adorable, 11-week-old females, healthy looking and friendly. The Amish breeders wanted $200 for each which was reduced from $350. So, I asked, "If I take all three of them, can you give me a better price?" The man said his son was selling the dogs and when he got home he would tell him about her offer, but he was sure they could do better on price.

I left my phone number, went home and called the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR) who told me they do not buy dogs. So, I decided to purchase all three and donate them to DVGRR and GRRI-NJ. I must be totally mad. I don't know why I stopped in to look, but I did.

A little later . . .
He just called me and I made him an offer for all three. He took it! I have lost my marbles, what is wrong with me?  I have to be the dumbest person in the world. I have never done anything like this before, and why I did this I don't know. The NJ rescue has already agreed to take them, but what was I thinking? I guess what I was thinking was get these three puppies into good homes, and out of the breeding situation.

That night . . .
After relating this story, Rochelle wrote the following to me: "If you can name one of the puppies Darcy for my little girl, indicating to the rescue that the name needs to remain, I will donate $50 to your cost for taking in the merry trio." I also received money from my good friend Mary Jane Rizzella, who had just lost her Gus to cancer, as well as Golden friends, Sheila & Bob Johnson.

May 4, 2007
I never expected anything like the support I received from my friends. I thought I'd only receive their words of wisdom. I was in tears as I read about their graciousness. Of course, I told Rochelle I would print the name of Darcy on her intake papers. And, I was going to make sure that the rescue knew the name was not to changed. For Gus, one of the girls would be named Gussie and the last gal would be named Sheila!

May 5, 2007
They arrived last night, what a cute bunch of girls. They each have different personalities. I had a rather quiet night, and this morning they are up and playing. I got them toys yesterday and collars, so they are happily playing with all their toys.

I have filled out the paperwork and each one has a name. Gussie will be the bigger of the three, she is brave, Darcy will be the next to smallest little red girl. She is very very sweet, and just a little shy. Sheila will be the smallest red girl. She has no problems and is basically the pack leader/explorer.

This morning when I came downstairs, they were all up on the couch that is in the basement I wish I would have had my camera. They all got off very quickly like they knew it was not allowed, but I didn't care. They get transported tomorrow and I can already see that when they get separated, l Gussie and Darcy will be upset.  Sheila, though, will be fine. Sheila has some skin issues on her muzzle which may be related to the fact that, they were being fed out of a plastic dish. She was treated for a skin infection. She is really scratching. That is why I want to give them a bath this afternoon.

Here are some video clips of the girls sunning themselves outside after their baths:
               Fun Video 1          Fun Video 2          Fun Video 3

May 6, 2007
Here are some wonderful photos of the three puppy girls.

Flower Girls Gussie (closest to pot) and Darcy

Darcy Enjoying a Stick Delicacy

Golden Gussie on the Run

Golden Pupper Explorations

May 8, 2007
I have updates on the girls. Sheila went to the vet and they did a skin biopsy and will know what is going on in a few days. Her foster mom says she doesn't even know she has stitches, and has learned to sit for her treats. She also is on antibiotics.

Gussie did have a rough first night, but they all are going to have an adjustment period. Darcy girl also is doing well. She, too, will have some adjustments. I am encouraged that these three girls are going to be given a great opportunity at a wonderful life. That in itself is very rewarding, and we all should feel good about that.  I will probably be able to get updates from the foster moms about who is going to who.

Gussie's foster mom found out yesterday that her older Golden boy has a tumor in his rectum. She will be taking him for a consultation with an oncologist. She is pretty upset about that, but the fact that she has Gussie is helping her keep her mind busy. And, her boys really seem to enjoy her.

May 12, 2007
Well wanted to let everyone know that Sheila was adopted. She actually was adopted by her foster family. Two more to go.


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