Learn more about Goldens & Getting a Puppy
Picking A Puppy — How the Genetics of Behavior Can Help You Choose the Best One for You
The Pet Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Golden Retriever
Finding a Responsible Breeder - Myths & Facts
Find out Peggy Adamson's answer to just "What is a breeder?"
Learn just what a Golden is

Learn about Preparation & Responsible Loving Care
Helping your Dog be Welcome
Responsible Ownership
Communication with your Dog
Be the smart end of the leash
Top 10 reasons Why you Should get your Puppy Used to a Dog Crate
Pet Identification & Loss Prevention
Finding a Lost Dog

Learn all about Puppies
There are No Bad Puppies
Socialization- How to raise a puppy you will enjoy living with
House Training a Puppy
Developmental Stages
The Critical Period
How To Socialize: Critical socialization periods
Puppies are NOT good gifts & advice regarding how to live with a puppy
Dog Training is not just an 8 week course
Health Care for your Puppy
There are No Bad Puppies
Crate Training- Step by step instructions
Teaching a Puppy the Fundamentals of Obedience
Click-Train Puppy Stuff

Learn about Kids and Dogs
Children and Dogs: Bite prevention training
Your dog and the new baby: Preventing problems before they start
Bite Prevention Information
Bite Prevention: Ways to Keep your Child from being a Dog Bite Victim
Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach
Kids and Pets

Learn about Positive Reward & Motivation Based Training
Watch Dr. Yin with her dad's new puppy, Lucy, at 7.5 weeks of age. It's her first day at Dr. Yin's house. Lucy's already learned to sit for kibble. Now she is training her to sit to be petted (getting attention), and Dr. Yin is removing rewards for jumping. Then, she does the same thing with her own dog Jonesy around. Lucy correctly reads Jonesy's signals and backs down when Jonesy makes it clear he doesn't want her in his face.

Everyday training: Easy ways to prevent behavior problems
Get Your dog’s Attention
Clicker training IS Operant Conditioning and Shaping
Operant Conditioning Explained
Help your dog choose to be good
Smart Dog/Dumb Dog Myth
Letting Go of the Dominance Paradigm
Teaching Self Control: Proper greetings
Dog Body Language 101: What is your dog saying to you?
How dogs learn
Rewards? What Rewards?
Teaching dogs to greet each other properly
Video for Teaching "Leave it" using the multi-step process (part 1)
Video for Teaching "Leave it" using the multi-step process (part 2)
Video for Teaching "Leave it" using the "post" method
Video for Teaching your dog to walk on a treadmill
Advanced Targeting
Teaching your dog "left" and "right"
Teaching your dog to "back up"

Learn to Address Behavioral Issues

Tips for dealing with ANY problem behavior
Doggie Outlaws
Great Expectations
Babies and Dogs
Dogs Need Exercise
The "Bad Dog" Retrieve (for dogs that steal and play keep away!)
Dealing with a Growly Dog
Karen Overall's Protocol for Relaxation (great for stressed dogs)
Preventing escapes at the door
Training chart for any problem behavior

Learn all about those Special Issues
Early Spay Neuter Considerations for The Canine Athlete: One Veterinarian's Opinion
For Dog's Sake . . . Stick to Toys! — Learn the tragic results of playing with sticks
Is My Dog Stressed?
Robin's Pet Tips — Weekly posting of dog behavior, health & training tips

Learn about Dog Activities & Safety
Beating the heat: Prevention, signs and treatment for heat stroke
Art of Shaping
Backpacking and backpacking titles
Flyball Training
Fun & Games
Scent Discrimination
Sled Dog Racing
Water Rescue

Dr. Yin's Health & General Information Articles

Vaccines vs. Puppy Socialization: A Confusing Debate?
Bloat: Deadly Disease Strikes Digestive System of Dogs
Heart murmur
Separation Anxiety: When a chewed up couch means
Summer Signals a Time for FoxTails (in California, can get into ears, nose & skin)
When that time comes
How a $5.00 Toy Equals an $800 Bill
Pets Predicting Earthquakes?
Handling Hygromas in your Dog (lump on elbow can be long term problem)
New Diet Puts Brain Wane in Reverse (alleviate signs of cognitive dysfunction)
Dr. Yin's Doggie Fat Farm
Scrub Jay Outsmarts Dog in Kibble Quest
Killer Breath in Canines and Kitties May Call for a Trip to the Vet
Scientists Uncover the Gene Blues
Vet Flunks Ethics?
In animal world, maternity can be dark & disturbing (not suitable for kids to see)
Drinking Too Much Water May Be a Sign of Trouble
Saving on Healthcare and Choosing the Right Vet
Bad Behavior May Indicate Medical Problem
Why Vet Care Costs Exorbitant
Poop-eating in Pups
Common Piddling Problems in Pooches
Fido's Fishy Habit (yuck habit of rolling in smelly stuff)


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