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Senior Golden lover, Mitch Kirby, tells this Senior tale to remind us why having the best resources is so important for our Goldens.

Last fall, as the nice weather was slipping away I was leaving work at lunch to go down to the River Valley and sit in the sun by the river and eat my lunch. Everyday I noticed an old gentleman walking an older looking Golden. I also noticed that the Golden was wearing a bootie on his left front paw. After about a week of watching these two I decided to introduce myself as a fellow Golden owner. Once introduced I had to ask about the bootie. The man told me it was to protect the Golden's foot as the front paw was malformed from birth, and I guess walking on it caused a good deal of chaffing and this eased the pain for the old boy. I inquired as to the Golden's age and was told he was about 14.

I continued to see the pair walking everyday until winter set in, and then I no longer went down to the river valley for lunch. Over the winter I no longer saw them, and come spring after a very long winter up here, I got to wondering if this Old Gold had made it through the winter to spend another summer enjoying walks with his master. After watching for weeks and failing to see them, I began to get depressed. That Old Gold was always happy to see everyone on his walks and I like seeing him because it made me think of my Max and what beautiful dogs Goldens are.

Then, as I took a bite of my sandwich one day last week, I looked up and guess what I saw strolling down the river valley coming toward me? My heart soared! It was the man and his Old Gold. This Golden will enjoy another summer of long walks with his master and hopefully another Golden fall! That will make this boy 15 years of age.

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