golden retriever puppy

This is Misty, adopted at age 10, and now 14, as shown in August 1997. But, she was never thought of as old. "My husband and I adopted Misty, a Golden Retriever, when she was ten years old. The folks who gave her up never dwelled on her age as a disadvantage, and we didn't either. In fact, we were so delighted to get her, it never even occurred to us to think of her as 'old.' Her most endearing quality has always been an unquenchable desire to spend all her time with us.

At fourteen, she has been on chemotherapy for a year, but canine oncology has made tremendous strides in the past few years, giving Misty — along with scores of other dogs — an extended lifespan and a quality of life that is excellent. She may not be up for a six-mile hike anymore, but she loves riding in the car and can still make it onto the back seat in one leap. (Sometimes we wonder if there is such a thing as selective agility.)" This story was contributed by Andy and Teri Goodman from San Francisco, California.

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