golden retriever puppy

This is KC.  She turned an incredible 18 years of age on October 6, 2000! (and is actually 17-years-old in this photo). KC lives in California with Mom Emma & Dad Mike. Since KC is so very special (and my oldest Golden Oldie yet) I'm letting her tell you her story.

"Hello my name is KC and my Mom got me for my Dad in 1982. She came to these really nice people who had my other Mom and Dad, also a bunch of brothKC with her Mom and Dad!ers and sisters. My Mom looked at all of us and said 'Hmmm.' She was told to look for an active puppy. Well, I showed her—I sat on her foot and watched while my brothers and sisters made fools of themselves. See I picked my Mom. I could see a softie—and boy, was I ever right! She kept putting me out there with the gang and I kept coming back and plopping myself right where she could see my beauty. So she said it appears 'I have been the chosen one,' and she still is after 18 years. I am a bit slower now, but am so lucky to have had 21 puppies. I have one son left who is 16 years old right now. Although I'm kind of thin now, I still have all my working parts. But, naps are very important now since I'm close to 90 in people years.

When we go to my vet's, the crew always says here comes wonder dog! I love going on car rides, and we have this place that lets dogs visit and I slept in a train caboose on my birthday. It was cool. We also played pin the tail on the cat, break the dogbone-filled Piñata and had cool kibble & look-alike snacks (a.k.a. cheese puffs and nuts) served in dog dishes. My friends Buster, Louie, Jordan, Chloe, Rosie and Cassity all came with their people. I also was very lucky to have been able to recently celebrate my 18th Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad. We are all so very thankful to have every single moment that we are granted.

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