12 Signs of Senior Related Disease

Call your veterinarian if you see any of the following in your Golden:

1. Coughing, Panting, and Shortness of Breath 
These symptoms could mean your buddy is becoming overweight. But, they could also signal a heart condition.

2. Weight Loss or any Change in Weight
Most weight gain is caused by your overfeeding, which leads to obesity. And, this can predispose your Golden to diabetes. Weight loss for no apparent reason can signal many serious problems.
3. Increased Drinking of Water
 Most of us don't really know just how much our guy drinks. But, if you happen to notice that you're filling the water bowl more than usual or that your Golden seems constantly thirty, this could be a signal for diabetes.

4. Increased Urination 
This can go along with increased need for water, and be another sign of diabetes. But, it could also signal urinary or neurological problems. If your guy suddenly can't go thru the night without going out or starts having accidents in the house, it's time to call your veterinarian.

5. Changes in Appetite 
Diabetic canines often have an increased appetite, but also lose weight because they can't burn sugar for energy. They burn fat instead. A declining appetite can also signal liver or kidney disease.

6. Vomiting and Diarrhea 
These are real symptoms of illness. Periodically you need to examine your guy's stool. Firm, brown stools are healthy. But soft stools or ones with blood or mucus with them can indicate many problems, including digestive disorders.

7. Sudden Behavioral Changes 
These include your guy's becoming more or less interactive with the family, acting disoriented or without energy, having disturbed sleeping or waking cycles, having aimless wandering, making inappropriate vocalizing, withdrawing, or losing previous house training. All of these behaviors may be signaling a cognitive disorder, similar to the human condition known as Alzheimer's disease.

8. Decreased Vision or Hearing
Examine your Golden's eyes for cloudiness. Does he or she bump into things or seem to have trouble recognizing people it knows? Does your guy fail to respond when you call, seem surprised when you come home or become started when someone walks in the door? Of course, you may need to test whether there's a hearing loss or your Golden is merely being "selectively deaf." Now, all I have to whisper is "Who wants a treat?" or crinkle some cellophane paper, and Darcy comes a running!

9. Sudden Onset of Bad Breath
This can indicate dental problems.

10. Lack of Mobility 
If your Golden has trouble getting up in the morning, he or she could be suffering from arthritis. Or, there could be some age-related changes in muscle tone.

11. Changes in Skin and Coat
Rougher skin, coarser hair & graying are all signs of age or poor health.

12. Fatigue while Exercising 
Older guys need moderate exercise. But, be sure to watch for excessive panting and a drooping tail. These are signs that your Golden is tiring. Exercise helps to maintain a dog's lean body mass. But, don't overdo it!


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