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Health Groups, Projects & Databases  
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
Canine Eye Registration Foundation
The Dog Genome Project
Canine Inherited Disorders
GRCA PennHIP Database 
K9Data Golden Pedigrees

Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine Articles

Dr. Schoen: Integrative Holistic Animal Health Care
Dr. Schoen: Animal Massage: The Touch that Heals
Dr. Schoen: Flower Essence Therapy: Fact or Fiction?
Dr. Schoen: Botanical Medicine & Herbal Tonics for Pets
Dr. Schoen: Echinacea & Other Herbal Immuno-stimulants for Pets
Dr. Schoen: Food Allergies: The Natural Approach
Dr. Schoen: Hopeful News for Degenerative Neurologic Diseases
Dr. Schoen: Lyme Disease: Fact from Fiction 
Dr. Schoen: Natural Options for my Arthritic Dog!
Dr. Schoen: Natural Options for Treatment of Cancer in Dogs
Dr. Schoen: Natural Support for Heart Problems in Dogs
Dr. Schoen: Seizures in Dogs: An Integrative Approach
Dr. Schoen: Winterizing your pets! What you can do!
Natural Rearing Articles
Natural Rearing Journey into Learning

General Health Web Resources

The Merck Veterinary Manual
Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
The Pet Web Library
The Animal Pharmacy Center
Natural Rearing Breeder's Directory
Handicapped Pets.com
The Anal Sacs Page
Canine Tick-Borne Disease Information Page
Hypothyroidism and Diabetes

Dr. Yin's Health & General Information Articles

Vaccines vs. Puppy Socialization: A Confusing Debate?
Bloat: Deadly Disease Strikes Digestive System of Dogs
Heart murmur
Separation Anxiety: When a chewed up couch means
Summer Signals a Time for FoxTails (in California, can get into ears, nose & skin)
When that time comes
How a $5.00 Toy Equals an $800 Bill
Pets Predicting Earthquakes?
Handling Hygromas in your Dog (lump on elbow can be long term problem)
New Diet Puts Brain Wane in Reverse (alleviate signs of cognitive dysfunction)
Dr. Yin's Doggie Fat Farm
Scrub Jay Outsmarts Dog in Kibble Quest
Killer Breath in Canines and Kitties May Call for a Trip to the Vet
Scientists Uncover the Gene Blues
Vet Flunks Ethics?
In animal world, maternity can be dark & disturbing (not suitable for kids to see)
Drinking Too Much Water May Be a Sign of Trouble
Saving on Healthcare and Choosing the Right Vet
Bad Behavior May Indicate Medical Problem
Why Vet Care Costs Exorbitant
Poop-eating in Pups
Common Piddling Problems in Pooches
Fido's Fishy Habit (yuck habit of rolling in smelly stuff)


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