We have added so many incredible finds to our Foundation Store. Please remember that donations are seldom received and that we fund research in comparative oncology and provide our $1,000 grants for cancer treatment from the profits our sales generate. Below are just the latest additions, as we currently feature an amazing 5,000+ items for your shopping pleasure.

Show Your Love: This snappy bow tie has a fabulous snap strap that can connect to any collar. The small size (2 x 4") fits 3/8" and 3/4" wide collars, and the large size (3 x 6") fits 1"wide  collars. Boy dogs wear it in formally in the front, and girls sweetly on the side like a hair bow. Click on bow tie image to supersize. Select desired size below.

Zeppa Studios

Personalized Linen Weave Aprons

Matching Linen Weave Oven Mitts
Matching Linen Weave Pot Holders

Auburn Leathercrafters
Leashes and Luggage Tags

Tail We Could Wag Hand-Woven
King Ring Fobs
Bell Straps

100% ORGANIC Boxed Treats

Wet Noses Hemp Seed Banana


Pearhead Memorial Frames

Auburn Leathercrafters

Leashes and Luggage Tags

Tail We Could Wag Hand-Woven
King Ring Fobs
Bell Straps

Celebrating The Bond
Embroidered caps & picture frames pay tribute to our dogs

Baylee Nasco Luxurious Blankets
For dogs, cats, babies, grownups


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NOV 30
We have updated Police Dog Robin's page with memorial info and video. Just click here.

NOV 14
We have added four new PDF articles for you to download and share. They are detailing Hip Dysplasia I and II, New Puppy Vaccinations, and Genetics Just click here and go to the area under General Health.
We have updated Police Dog Robin's continuing cancer journey. Just click here.

We have updated our lead page on Canine Cancer. Just click here.

We have a new celebrity parent to a Golden Retriever. (Hint: He is a comedian and late night talk show host.) Check it out here.
We have updated Police Dog Robin's continuing cancer journey. Just click here.

Help Yourself to Previous Nose-Worthy News

We have a great video presentation [Dogs Shed New Light on Cancer Genes in Humans] on the work being done in comparative oncology. Just click here.
We have a great page from Dr. Judith Herman on why home cooking is best. Just click here. And, we have a new page about the pet food recall with a handy chart. Just click here.
We have a great Delta Society article on disaster preparations for our companion animals. Just click here.
We are so fortunate to have Suzi Beber as one of our foundation's esteemed board members. Her deep background in working with cancer-stricken animals can be critical in improving quality of life. Check out her help sheet: The Use of Whole Foods in augmenting Traditional Cancer Therapy.
We have new articles and discussion on some new controversy regarding seizure alert dogs. Click here to check this out.
We have added a pdf document for a wonderful and informative 66 page book, Seeds of Doubt. Click here to check it out.
Are your companion animals protected from dangerous toxins in the environment. Sadly, most are not. Come learn 22 tips for better protecting yourself and your furry kids at our new Polluted Pets page. Just click here.
We have added an incredible news report video on a Service Golden hero named Midas who saved his owner's life. Just click here.
We created a great PDF printout of Dr. Wolfelt's Companionship vs. Treating Model. You can get one for yourself here.
We have expanded our page on Compassionate Veterinary Hospice or End-of-Life Care. This shows how to plan sooner than later for what is desired for your companion animal's ending. Learn how dignity in life needs to be coupled with dignity in death.
Just click here.

Click on our Ollie's famous comic strip to hear his Guest Interview!



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