golden retriever puppy

Ollie's Doggie IQ Test

This test comes from Melissa Miller's fun book, The Dog I.Q. Test. The test has 70 items and is divided into four parts. It measures your dog's memoClick here to order!ry, reasoning, perception, spatial skills & vocabulary. And, imagination, curiosity, and trainability are tested. The IQ scores received fall into ranges from Blissfully Ignorant to Canine Genius.

For 13 items, you'll need your dog. Choose ONE answer for each item. If one doesn't apply or refers to an unknown situation, imagine how your dog would react and then answer. If no choices apply, choose the one closest to the response you would like to give. You need to wait until your furry companion is at least a year in age before doing this little exercise. He or she does need time to learn and mature!

Clicking on the following doggies will point you toward the five steps in the total process, the first being to print out an Answer Sheet.


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