Buddy . . . striving to become a Working Dog!

Hi to all my Non-Fuzzy and Fuzzy Friendz alike! I have been very busy doing all my studies and having fun! Things are really starting to shape up around here now. I'm getting better and better at this fun game all the time, and loving every minute of it!

Here's how I conquered my fears and built confidence this week. We went tracking in the woods this week. I put my nose down and started to track, when all the sudden I looked up and saw these really big tall fat brown woody guys with arms sticking up everywhere! And when the wind blew, they shook those big scary arms at me! Stay focused Buddy, you can do it. Well, I was a little bit intimidated at first, and did my track real slow so I could watch those bad guys all he while. You know what? Not even one of them thought I was a tasty morsel or even popped me in their mouths! On the next track, they were much nicer to me and I wasn't bothered one little bit! Since then I found out that trees are my friends, and even make great emergency rest rooms for little guys like me!

On to my next conquest. Mary and I were in the house the other day and she brought out this new kid I never met before. He was really funny looking. About four feet tall with a really skinny head and neck, wheels for feet, and a real long skinny tail. I was busy saying hello to him when all the sudden Mary put the end of his tail in the wall and he started growling and whirring really loud at me! His eyes lit up and were on his feet! He looked way scary. Yikes! What kind of weird kid is this anyway? Then he ran around the living room gobbling up all of the Sabre-Toothed Golden Retriever dust bunnies on Mary's carpet. Oh my gosh! I just knew he was a comin' after me next! Hey, ya know what? He didn't! He shut up and let me come over and sniff him and didn't eat me or nuthin'! Then when he started gobbling again, he let me follow him around and check him out. I even tried to sample those dust bunnies myself! Between you and me, he can have em. They're way too dry for my taste.

Hey, did I tell you all how my tracking progress is coming? This week I started doing turns, and all kinds of different surfaces and lengths of trails. My favorite trail treat is Cheetos! I was even able to find the "Cheetos Man" (Steve), at the end of every trail. He always gives me the big payoff when I get there. Yum, yum! It's lots more fun now that I get to find real peoples at the end. The first time, I wasn't expecting it, and all the sudden look up like "Wow, what's he doin' here!" It was lots of fun!

Yesterday was my best day so far. riences. We found out that the mailboxes, fire hydrants, weed whackers, and even lawn mowers are good kids and really won't hurt me. I did sit-stays and down-stays on busy intersection sidewalks, and not a one of those many cars buzzing by even hit me! Many did slow down to admire my beautiful natural blonde hair though. (Ain't I the most humble little guy you ever did meet? :)

After obedience, we went back to Steve's where he had two big Marijuana finds hiding in his building waiting for me. We searched all the wooden and cardboard boxes and suitcases and I found them both by myself! The reward towel came flying in when I scratched the suitcase and the box that had them in it. I was so proud of myself though (I know you find that hard to believe!), that I kept scratching even after being rewarded. They said that's because I got 'drive.' See, I just knew someday I'd be driving! This game is the best!

Then we played with the booster bath monster. Steve got a booster-bath a few weeks ago that sits in the corner of his building. At first, I was a bit intimidated by it until they threw my towel in it. Well, now when they throw the towel in, I just climb on a suitcase and jump right in and get it. 'Cept for one thing.

Can someone please send me a step stool so I can get back out? Please? Yup, I'm still waiting at Steve's in the booster bath, tail wagging, towel happily clutched in my smiling mouth, staring at the floor wondering how I'm gonna get myself outta this predicament. Help!

Well, talk to soon if my mouth isn't still full. Until then, stay Golden!


Love and Sloppy kisses, Yer little buddy . . . Buddy
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