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Rescue Berry's Memory Living On to Help Others

We wish we could have met this special boy here, only able to learn about his him through the beautiful webpages created by his adoring mom. Berry was born in April 1996 and then rescued by the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in October 1999. Sadly, it was after only being with his new forever family for three months that Berry was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma (lymphoma). Through the expertise of Veterinary Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania and unbelievable support of his family, Berry was able to remain with his family almost four more years.

Berry: Up Close and Personal
Berry's Diagnosis & Treatment
Canine Lymphoma

Berry's Top Ten Treatment Tips are for those dealng with Canine Lymphosarcoma that have been given the much-coveted BerryDog Seal of Approval. Just CLICK ON each of the tips below to learn more.

  1. Investigate symptoms of lymphoma.
  2. Learn about lymphoma and its treatment.
  3. Talk to other owners whose dogs have lymphoma.
  4. Get the best evaluation and care you can.
  5. Be an advocate in your dog’s treatment.
  6. Recognize that your dog’s disease, and response to treatment, are unique.
  7. Expect an emotional roller coaster.
  8. Be prepared for things to get worse before they get better.
  9. Accept that your dog’s appearance may change during chemotherapy.
  10. Rejoice that Dog Life goes on during treatment.

EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY: Berry The Dog’s Guide to Living with Lymphosarcoma
The author of this wonderful book says that this book was written to transform a painful experience. Like your dog, Berry was able to take goodness and light with him wherever he went. Through this special handbook, Berry's death is transformed into knowledge. And, this knowledge is helping others, his memory living on each time its words are read.

Dedication and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 Hearing a Lymphoma Diagnosis
Chapter 2 Searching for the Road to Remission: Surviving the first
                        month of treatment

Chapter 3 Dealing with and Interpreting the News: Translating the
                        language of lymphoma

Chapter 4 Choosing a Treatment Setting: Veterinarians, oncologists,
                        and teaching hospitals

Chapter 5 Working on the Treatment Team: Your role as a caregiver
Chapter 6 Understanding the Treatment Process I: Examinations & tests
Chapter 7 Understanding the Treatment Process II: Drugs and drug

Chapter 8 Mapping the Emotional Landscape: Knowing yourself and
                        your dog


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