Goldens Bymyside Photo Contest


To celebrate the 2000 publication of the award-winning book, Bailey Bymyside: Golden Lessons for Life, our photo contest was created.  A unique three-judge panel selected their ten favorite photographs, the entrants awarded with personalized copies of Bailey Bymyside.

Written by Patricia Burlin Kennedy and illustrated by Robert Christie, this book is made up of short but very meaningful observations that celebrate a Golden's wisdom and charm. And, it is accompanied by illustrations that will truly touch the hearts of Golden lovers. Click here to see some of the pages from this special book!

Click here to see actual pages from Bailey's book!Patricia Kennedy is a volunteer for various charitable groups including Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Robert Christie (Atlanta, Georgia) is a noted dog and sporting artist who has received commissions from the Franklin Mint and the Hamilton Collection. They previously collaborated on Through Otis' Eyes: A Lesson Learned from a Guide Dog Puppy, a tribute to guide dogs.

Our entrants demonstrated so well how much they rely on 'Goldens Bytheirside,' for guidance along life's journey. And, that is truly where the real treasure lies. We hope you agree that the winning entries would stand out in any contest. But, for this particular adventure, they seemed to uniquely portray Patricia Kennedy's, Bailey's mom's, intent: "As witness to the passing seasons of her life, I was blessed with an unforgettable guide and companion to show and share with me the mystery of life. I will continue to grace my life with the Baileys of this world. I have so much more to learn."

The contest originally included a Youth division; however, only one entry was received from a youngster named Craig. We therefore could not conduct a 'true' contest in the youth area but felt very strongly about his story about best friend Jewel. Craig received a copy of Bailey Bymyside: Golden Lessons for Life from author Patricia Kennedy in recognition of this special bond.

Me and my Best Friend
This photo [captured with a timer] was taken shortly after my Golden Jewel had her hip replaced. She needed this surgery to get her out Jewelof pain. The Dr. told me that she would become crippled and would no longer be able to play with me if she didn't have her surgery. She only had about a year left of possibly being able to continue to play with me if she didn't have surgery.
It has been 4 long weeks now since she had surgery. She can't play yet because her hip replacement might pop out. She needs to heal properly first. She does lay next to me why I play Nintendo and she lets me brush her to make her feel good. I'm hoping that by Christmas she can play again like she use to. I miss the way we played together and I especially miss that she is unable to sleep with me at night. I miss all the fun times we had, but look forward to her getting better and playing again. She is my best friend. I really do love her.


  Photo Gallery

By Dave Wedum of Montana


I Choose You as My New Mom
Ayrton Classic Touch v.d. Issel Hoeve is pictured Golden
By Tonny Hoevers of The Netherlands



Cinny and Daddy
Cinny & Daddy Giving and Receiving Love
Rescued Cinnamon is pictured Golden
By Teresa Bullard of Illinois


   Ginger and Daddy
A Golden Angel
Rescued Ginger is pictured Golden
By Teresa Bullard of Illinois


Chan and his little Lucy
Chandler & His Little Lucy
Lucy is pictured Golden
By Teresa Bullard of Illinois


Camille and Shandy
Ray a drop of GOLDEN sun
Shandy is pictured Golden
By Sharon Celecia of Gibraltar

This is Sharon's best friend, Camille, with her Shandy, nee Gracelands Little Mo'. They, too, are best friends.


The Trail Ahead
Service Dog-in-Training Madison is pictured Golden
By Dr. Mia MacCollin of Massachusetts

This photo in the White Mountains of VT came after Madison arrived into Puppyraiser Mia's home.



Chelsea Carrot
Chelsea is pictured Golden
By Greg Goldberg of Maryland


Adventure Bound
Adventure Bound
By Gail Burket of Ohio


Beamer and Tom
Paw and Pa Prints
Beamer is pictured Golden
By Carole Gale of North Carolina

This is Carole's husband, Tom, with Beamer, walking together along the sand at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Saying Good-bye
by Pat Lawson of New Mexico

After a year of living together, Calder and his puppy raiser are saying a very heartfelt good-bye.  A Guide Dog puppy in training, on this day Calder was returned for formal training to become a working guide for the visually impaired. What a tough and noble job our puppy raisers do!



Lady Bug and Carolyn
Swinging Gals!
Lady Bug is pictured Golden
By Jim Money


Lady Bug and Jim
Having Lunch Together!
Lady Bug is pictured Golden
By Carolyn Money of Washington State





Look at my new puppy!
Gus is pictured Golden
By Lorraine Capps of Virginia


Foot Pillow
By Lorraine Capps of Virginia
Gus is pictured Golden



Best Buds
By Carolynn Hotz of California



Puppy Kisses
By Danielle Wilson of North Carolina



Charmer and Jim
I love you Dad
Charmer is pictured Golden
By Eileen Retel of Georgia

This is Charmer, kissing Eileen's husband Jim. A gentle loving soul with a heart of gold, he has changed their lives so much with his personality, face and beautiful temperament. Charmer melts Eileen's heart and always has. He truly is the best thing that has entered their lives, and Eileen and Jim feel so blessed to have him.



Gemma Mae and Jiva
Gemma Instructs on How to Deconstruct a Pinecone
Gemma Mae is pictured Golden
By Suzanne Bria of California

In this photo, Gemma Mae is deconstructing a pine cone on Suzanne's deck. Of course, her nephew Jiva from Bangkok, Thailand is watching in awe!


Kim and Neko
Taking in the View
Neko is pictured Golden
By Kim Millington of Calgary, Alberta


Jill and Quincy
Hugs & Kisses
Quincy is pictured Golden
By Jill Michne of New York


Dylan and Brad
Did you say cheeze! or tennis ball!
Dylan is pictured Golden
By Tammy Drake of Massachusetts

Dylan is seated beside Tammy's 5-year-old son, Brad, in this photo. A typical Velcro dog and just loves to be around people, he also simply loves tennis balls (which is hidden inside his mouth in this photo!).



Grandma's Girls!
By Sandra Hill of California


Mom and Barney
Looks Very Interesting, Mom!
6-year-old Barney CGC TDI is pictured Golden
By Dave Pisak of Pennsylvania


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