golden retriever puppy

Veterinary Automated Telephone System

Press 1   —  to make an appointment.
Press 2   —  to tell us your life history before making appointment.
Press 3   —  if you feel dog’s condition warrants pulling vet from someone else.
Press 4   —  for a listing of the doctor’s home telephone # and beeper #.
Press 5   —  if your dog’s condition has persisted for months but must be seen now.
Press 6   —  for a toenail trim on your 100-lb aggressive dog.
Press 7   —  for a receptionist if you’re under stress & need to project your anger.
Press 8   —  if your dog has not eaten in ten days.
Press 9   —  if you’ve accidentally taken your dog’s flea control pill or heartworm.
Press 10 —  to determine if your dog’s condition is serious and it needs to be seen today. Our team of experts are standing by waiting to debate the issue with you for as long as it takes.

None of these numbers will give you a real person, but they’ll take your mind off your problems for awhile. Our automated telephone service allows us to serve your dog’s needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week!