golden retriever puppy

Until the Great Until
2004 Kathy Anne Harris

Beyond a shimmering mist is another special land.
A place that God created with the brush of His hand.
A sun-washed valley, with grass covered hills.
Filled with play things for us, for before the “Great Until.”

This place is for those of us who had no human kin
and those who did, but were abused. Discarded on a whim.

When we lay hurt and dying, helpless, on the roadside,
someone stopped, held us tenderly in their arms and cried.
We may have been a stray dog, a lost cat, or a baby deer.
As our vision dimmed they softly whispered away our fear.

When fierce fires, or floods, or storms took us forever away
they lowered their heads, wept, and for us they did pray.
They cared deeply for us though they’d never seen us before.
To us they gave unconditional love ’til they could do no more.

There was no chance to share our hearts with them on Earth.
And no time to show them what their love for us was worth.
Now we can give our all to them for we have all of time to fill.

So here we abide, a waiting, until the “Great Until.”
Our hearts will be near bursting, from here our heavenly post.
Until they stride through the mist, so that we may greet . . .
The ones who loved us most.