golden retriever puppy

My Heart with the Golden Hair
By Lori Cacciatore

In the blink of a sleepy eye, you caught mine, and ran off with my heart.
I raced after you into your world as if you were the horse and I the cart!
You showed me the value of squeaky toys versus things that like to fray,
Through exasperation and inspiration, I love you more with each passing day.

From puppy breath to doggy drool, you greet me with such glee.
You smile and grin from ear to ear, and your kisses set me free.
With all the wonder in this world, I wonder even more,
“How did I ever manage without your fuzzy face before?”

You laugh with me, sing with me, and listen with great intent.
I don’t know where the time has gone, but it’s been happily spent!
On frisky walks we stop and talk to others passing by,
We are quite silly and not so well trained, but my heart swells up with pride.

You with us, through thick and thin, how can I repay the joy you bring to me?
Neither a pat nor hug could articulate my love, as your head rests upon my knee.
With a sleepy sound, you turn around and curl up beside my chair,
I want you with me forevermore; you are my heart with the Golden hair.