golden retriever puppy

MDD: Multiple Dog Disorder

DSM-IV Criteria: These symptoms MUST be present:
  1.  Poor self-control, usually unable to resist “just one more.”
  2.  100% occupancy of kennel space at all times.
  3.  Dog food expenses at least 4 times the grocery bill.

And at least 4 of the following:
  1.  Dog grooming equipment in 4 large storage crates.
  2.  Dog & personal grooming supplies in one overnight bag together.
  3.  Clean kennels daily, clean house once a month.
  4.  Doing dishes means washing more than a dozen dog bowls.
  5.  Have King sized bed, but sleep clinging to side to give dogs room.
  6.  Yard securely fenced, landscaping is outside of fence.
  7.  Attend Company BBQ to collect a large quantity of rib bones.
  8.  Isolated rural location.
  9.  Others ask “how many dogs do you”?
10.  Pooper Scooper Wrist (similar to Tennis Elbow).
11.  Dry cleaner always finds plastic baggies in pockets.
12.  Used to show pictures of children, now whip out dog pictures.