golden retriever puppy

Love is the Golden's Light
Copyright 2004 Kathy Anne Harris

Many came to look us over when we were wee golden puffs of fluff
And of their smiles and laughter, well I simply could not get enough
Though I’d miss my siblings and mom, you could have all of the rest
Because being with humans, for me, was just beyond doubt the best

To be in their company, I knew, I would leave all else behind
For thoughts of being with them were always filling my mind
When a young girl and her parents said they had decided on me
There was a smile on my face, and I was bursting with glee

My mom’s human kin said, “You’ll love him, he’s as sweet as can be!”
As my new dad lifted me up, he then said,“ I certainly hope so. We’ll see.”
“Here, take his toy,” she added, and smiled. “From it he does not stray far.”
He sighed, as he tucked it under his arm, then carried me out to their car

When they got home they put me in the backyard with a grizzled little guy
He seemed all bones and fur, and studied me through white-clouded eyes
I stood waiting for him to walk over and check me out, but he was too spent
Too weak to lean forward and give me a sniff; he dropped to the stained cement

The next morning the man came out and gave us each a bowl of dry food
I was hungry; it had been a day since I’d eaten and it sure looked good
But later, as I sat the under the hot, hot sun, I felt bad, then quickly got sick
Afterward, I looked for some water and found only a dripping faucet to lick

I suddenly felt lonely as I looked around ... the older dog had fallen asleep
But, in the gravel, oh what a find. My toy! A treasure that was mine to keep
With toy in my mouth, I returned to the dog, he was trembling as he slept
I dropped down beside him, snuggled close, and whimpering softly, I wept

The girl often came out and spent time with us, she loved to bring us treats
But the first thing she’d do is give us each a bowl of fresh, cool water to drink
Those brights days for my dog companion and me, kept us from feeling alone
When we shared those special hours with her, it was then I felt I was home

She’d lovingly hug the small dog tenderly to her, whisper softly in his ear
Then she would turn to me and we’d lose ourselves in happy, happy play
These were the best of days for me, it felt so good just having her near
It seemed all too soon our fun would end—she was never allowed long to stay

Each time before she’d leave, she would caress her scraggly-furred friend
Then she’d hold my head in her hands, saying, “I, too, wish it wouldn’t end.”
As she gave me my toy she would kiss me, whispering, “Don’t be sad!
“You two are my family and I love you. You’re the best friends I’ve ever had.”

As the summer weeks went by and warm days made way for the cold
I noticed the little dog had grown thinner. And I saw him quickly grow old
One night he couldn’t stop shivering. So I laid next to him to keep him warm
As he leaned into me and sighed his thanks I could tell he was very ill
When morning broke cold and frosty the dog at my side lay so terribly still

He had gone on to Rainbow Bridge and he played now in cool tall grass
I knew he was warm, free, and happy. I licked him once to bid him good-bye
Then the man came out, wrapped him in a bag, and carried him to the trash
I tried to follow. What he did, it seemed so wrong. Then, I heard the girl cry!

Oh, no! I pressed up against the glass. Somebody, please let me in!
I pawed at the sliding door, then I whined and gave a couple good barks
But the man hurried over; pulled shut the blinds and I was forgotten, again

I walked back to the fence, looked across the way, through the slats at a grassy green park
I gazed longingly at the people there with their dogs, and watched them ’til long after dark

The next night the man led me through the gate; out front where I’d never been
Confused and frightened, where nothing was familiar, I ran back to retrieve my toy
It was there, by the door. I was so happy, I wagged my tail, picked it up, and grinned
Warily, I returned to the man. He then kicked me while hissing, “Get outta here, boy!”

I slowly looked around me, I didn’t know what to do and I had no where to go
but there in the park, above a stone bench and patch of grass, one bright light shone
I heard the gate close behind me, I looked right and left, then strode across the street
I curled up under the bench thinking of the old dog and the girl, and finally fell asleep

Deep into the rough winter, from country roads to busy towns I did roam
Looking for someone who would take me in, for a place that I could call home
Then came spring and I grew so tired, I became sick and lost track of time
I collapsed in a field of dried grass and dust with no person or place to call mine

Then, through the haze of my fevered dreams, I saw her standing at my side
She was murmuring as she bent down and reached out to cradle my head
“You poor babe! How long have you lain here? Come on, we’re going for a ride.”
I wagged my tail, kissed her hand, tried to get up, but fell into darkness instead

When I awoke I was on a table, in an examining room, at the office of a vet
The doctor took some blood for tests, checked my heart, my eyes, and my ears
“He’s so thin and dehydrated. Where will he be going? Have you decided yet?”
“Yes, I’ll foster him at home with me.” She hugged me and I felt the wet of her tears

I was at the vet’s for a very long time, receiving treatments that would make me well
I had surgery, shots, and pills to take and I can’t say I liked all of what they had done
When my foster mom would visit, she’d say with a smile, “You’re getting better, I can tell.”
On a cool autumn morn she took me to her home, a place, amid hills lit gold by the sun

Wagging my tail I carried it gently then laid in the palm of her hand, my toy
A gift from my heart and all that I’d had to keep me company and give me joy
I wanted her to know that now I would wait with her to find my forever home
It was my way to thank her, for I had no plans or desires at all now to roam

Mine is not the happiest of tales, but it certainly is not the worst
We are a goldmine, if those of you searching would just see our worth

When you look at me now you’ll see a smile, and a question in my eyes
Have you a place in your heart and your home for this faded Golden boy?
If you spend some time with me, it shouldn’t take you too long to realize
The dog standing there—with his faded, dirty, and beloved old toy...
is so willing for you to take him home, to give him a fresh new start
And given time he is the Golden whose love will capture your heart!