golden retriever puppy

Honey and Light and Everything Right
2004 by Kathy Anne Harris, All Rights Reserved.

his glorious tawny coat is the silk of spun gold
the warmth of his fur is morning’s first light
the sheen on his flank is that of polished amber
it’s all just part of what makes him, oh so right

what courses through his veins are liquid sun drops
for his heart’s a pulsing light pumping golden love
his eyes, soulful, are the color of honey in moonlight
and his merry spirit is blessed by the angels above

he is all that is good, unbridled, and set free,
there’s magic in his smile and healing in his touch
this gentle being is the sun’s light wrapped in fur
he who asks so very little and gives so very much

his expression conveys more than any words spoken
and as mighty as the pen is, it can’t fully describe
his unconditional love, loyalty, and utter devotion,
and the gifts of joy to be given, therein that reside

his fidelity dances ’round him on filigree wings
it’s that nimbus, aflame, in glowing sunny hues
the fulfillment of all my cherished, wondrous dreams
for now and ever, he’s the mate my soul would choose

he is the bright light at each day’s end
and the star shine when night time sets in
like no other, he is my very dearest friend
come dawn he’s the rising sun and all...
... that’s right and GOLDEN