golden retriever puppy

Golden Friends Understand
By Lori Cacciatore

When the inevitable comes to pass and your precious gold has left this land,
Seek out another Golden Friend and they will understand.
Across the world, we all reach out, with words to help console
The one who has lost a golden love; we know the heavy toll,
The void we feel, the tears how they steal, our strength; what can help our own sad souls?
Seek out your friends around the globe, and their words will comfort you,
The memories, so bittersweet, in time will make you smile — it’s true.
Think of the bond that will never break, but only strengthen in your mind,
And perhaps one day a new furry friend will bring you joy sublime.
A special bond will form anew, and the chain of love will add a link
And in the end when we too pass, before one can even blink,
We’ll join our friends, both animal and man, and gaze upon the land,
And help the angels as they guide those on earth trying to understand.