golden retriever puppy

A New Breed: Show Dog People

Show Dog People . . .

1. Are a special breed not usually recognized by the AKC.

2. Think everyone has dog crates in their living room.

3. Drive trucks, vans, and station wagons especially equipped to haul dog crates.

4. Can never be reached on a weekend, they’re usually at a dog show.

5. Drive 400 miles, spend $100s on gas, motel & meals to win 35 ribbon.

6. Have kids who regard “bitch” as just another household word.

7. Get up at 6 to walk dogs, at ring dressed to kill at 8am, but get to work late.

8. Never miss a closing date for entry fees, but pay the mortgage 10 days late.

9. Had rather be audited by the IRS than investigated by the AKC.

10. Talk hours on phone to dog persons in a language known only to dog people.