golden retriever puppy

You Might be a Dog Person if . . .
By Carolyn E. Finefrock copyright June 2004

1.  After wearing your clean socks in the house for just one minute, your feet look about as furry as your dog’s paws.

2.  Your dog is found laying in your pajamas and later you think nothing of putting them on anyway.

3.  You don’t mind if your dog comes to say hello while you’re in the bathroom and actually think it’s quite funny.

4.  You get a kick out of saying various “buzz words” to your dog, just to watch him tilt his head and twitch his ears as though he understands you.

5.  You actually know a “Kong” isn’t just related to some giant movie monster somewhere.

6.  You think nothing about discussing the frequency, consistency and even color of your dog’s #2’s with your dog-loving friends.

7.  You’ve been known to talk more about dog food than people food with your like-minded friends.

8.  You shed tears over the passing of a beloved dog as though he were a human being, and in your heart, (he is.)

9.  You feel oddly incomplete if there isn’t at least one dog laying near your feet.

10. Most of your friends love dogs too because those who don’t, are not really interested in hearing about yours.

11. Your kitchen floor usually has a puddle from kicking a water bowl as you pass which means your furry socks are usually slightly damp.

12. You get excited about going to the pet store.

13. You love songs and poems ... all about dogs.

14. The idea of a dog being mistreated or neglected in any way shape or form can send you into a righteously indignant fit.

15. Others may listen for the sounds of chirping birds when they awaken. You listen for the thumping of a tail against a wall or the feel of a fuzzy snout poking under your hand.

16. Dog hair is just something you learn to get over and vacuuming becomes something you don’t really mind all that much.

17. You know the maddening feeling of having a sick dog is just as bad as having a sick baby who can’t communicate to you how he is feeling.

18. You know there will always be dogs in your life ... no matter what people say and no matter how much they might gripe about it. Your only exception to this rule is if you do not have the ability to provide a safe, healthy home for your dog(s).

19. Even the type of vehicle you own has a special spot for your dog(s) and trucks ...why do you think SUV’s are so popular?

20. You know dogs serve very well as 4-legged antidepressants, just by watching their silly antics.