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Take the Golden McGrowl Canine Challenge
See if you have what it takes to train a super dog. McGrowl actually is a pooch with bionic, super powers, starring in the McGrowl Book Series by Bob Balaban. You will need flash plug-in to play this game, but there is a link to get this plug-in at the page if you don't have it. Be sure to read the instructions, though. The arrow keys move your dog right and left and the space bar allows your dog to jump. The object of the game is to gather as many points as you can without your dog running out of energy. Be sure to eat from the food bowls on the course to get loads of energy, because if your energy gets too low you will be forced back to the doghouse.

Golden Retriever Memory Game
This is the classic concentration memory game. You will find cards at this game to turn over, looking for a match. Remove all the cards successfully and you will get to see a special Golden photo below.

Search & Rescue Dogs
Have fun with Hunter, the Search and Rescue Dog. On nine consecutive pages, he will show you what he does and so much more.

Air Bud
They say, "everyone in life has a dream," even dogs. My dream was to become the "greatest K9 athlete" in the world! To learn more about me and my puppies, play some games, and more, just click on the colorful pictures on the right side of your computer screen when you click on my page. Have fun!

How To Love Your Dog
Go check out this kid's guide to dog care. Created and run by the lovely Jan Wall, this place is all about loving our dogs and doing right by them. Jan says, "Whether you're preparing for a new dog or just want to have more fun with the dog you have, you'll find everything you need right here." And, adorable Collie Cody is one of the guides there to help you on your way!

Pet Astrology
Go visit and find out your guy's special behavior as based on his or her birthdate.

Extraordinary Dogs
Go to PBS OnLine's Extraordinary Dogs and print out a personalized Certificate for your Extraordinary Dog.

Kids' Corner AKC Online Newsletter
Kids' Corner is an online newsletter featuring stories about responsible dog ownership, safety and activities kids and their dogs can participate in, such as agility, obedience and junior showmanship.

There are loads of fun games here and so much more here! Be sure to come and spend some time here.

Sparky the Fire Dog
Who says you can't have fun while learning? Certainly not Sparky! Try some cool Shockwave games at Sparky's Arcade. But, be sure to read the instructions first so you know what to do.

Animal Trial
Put yourself to the test, see how much you know about animals. There are online games, puzzles, and so much more here!

Tike and the Missing Mutt
Something is going down, something that needs your help right away. Tike’s dog has disappeared into the local school. Tike needs to find her and quick. Play this School Works flash game and travel through the school, meeting people and solving problems as you go. Can you find the dog and fix the school? Now, be sure to click on the "Keyboard Controls" so that you know what to do.


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