Meet Golden Chance

K-9's Training Paid For With Drug Money - Drug Dog Already On Patrol, June 28, 2005


Chance, BSO K-9 officer

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. -- There's a new deputy working in Broward County, one who likes his belly rubbed when he does a good job, and whose training was paid for with drug money.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office introduced its newest K-9 officer on Tuesday. Chance, a 14-month-old Golden Retriever, fills a void left by the death of K-9 Bud this past April following a bout with cancer. In his nearly decade-long career with BSO, Bud had uncovered more than $4 million in drug money and millions of dollars worth of dope.

BSO says that so far, Chance is off to a great start. Since he began patrolling the streets of Pompano Beach with Deputy Andy Weiman in mid-May, Chance has sniffed-out more than 250 grams of illegal drugs and nearly $3,000 in dirty money.

"It's poetic justice," said Maj. Frank Lightbourn, BSO's district commander in Pompano Beach. "We used funds forfeited from criminal activities to obtain and train Chance. The dope dealers are helping us get more resources to arrest them and put them out of business."

Chance was born in Canada and trained at the Canada Border Services Agency's Learning Centre in Rigaud, Quebec, where only about 1 in 10 dogs is chosen for the rigorous, 10-week program. The dogs learn to detect narcotics or explosives, how to work with their human partners, and become familiar with the different types of conditions under which they'll work. Following the training, the dogs usually live with their handler and put in an average of 8 to 10 years of service.

Chance joins nearly two-dozen other dogs in BSO's K-9 Unit and will work primarily in Pompano Beach. But he’ll be available to assist other cities and agencies throughout Broward County. BSO's K-9s are frequently called upon to search buildings and areas for suspects, victims, and missing persons. They also sniff out explosives and narcotics and work side by side with their handlers providing road patrol for BSO districts.


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