Meet Golden Casper

This is handsome Casper. Born in October 1989, he began his Law Enforcement career in November 1990. He has only had one handler, Sgt. Adam Donaldson. His keen sense of smell and excellent temperament makes for a great police drug canine. Casper was trained for drug detection by Bob Gailey of K-9 , which is located in Astatula, Florida. He was also cross-trained in "man-tracking" by Carolyn Wheelis of The Florida Search Dog Network. Casper's success story began in the summer of 1990. That's when Adam rescued him from the Lake County Animal Shelter as an "unclaimed pet".

Since graduation, Casper has been responsible for eleven Cocaine finds and many Marijuana finds. He also tracked and located a missing Alzheimer's patient who wandered from a local nursing home. Casper tracked, located, and was responsible for the arrest of one armed robbery and one burglary suspect. And, get this. Casper has led investigators on tracks that resulted in arrests days after the actual crimes had occurred.

Casper, Eustis Police ID #239, is a FULL-TIME officer. Casper, and his handler (shown above), have gone to lots of school functions to meet and enjoy the company of school aged children. Casper's work history, as well as his love for kids, always makes him a popular request at the schools for special occasions. He works 40 hour weeks and has rotating day and evening shifts.

This guy is also "on-call" 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. But, you know what? He has never filed a complaint about these working hours. Don't worry, though! With the addition of Misty in May 1995, Casper's workload has been reduced so that he can have some time off for rest and relaxation.