Test Your Dog Trivia Knowledge
Have some fun and play along with these short, fun little trivia quizzes. You never know, you may learn some very helpful bits of information to help make your furkids' lives even better!

 Test your Dog Behavior Knowledge . . .
  1. Socializing Your Puppy — "Did you know that your dog's puppyhood experiences shape most of his outlook on life? Take this quiz to learn about the importance of socializing your pup!"
  2. Solving Canine Behavioral Problems — "The most common cause of a breaking of the bond between dog and owner is canine behavioral problems. How can these problems be solved?"

Test your Dog Health Knowledge . . .

  1. Veterinary Knowledge — "Test your veterinary medical knowledge against a vet nurse. Pay close attention as this information can help you become a better pet owner!"
  2. Dog Health — "Dogs are our best friends...this quiz is about what we can do to be a dog's best friend!"
  3. What's In Your Dog's Food? — "Do you know? Do you really want to know? This quiz pertains to United States labeling and manufacturing practices."
  4. Dogs, Don't Eat These! — "Most people know that dogs should not eat chocolate. But do you know about these less-well-known hazards to your pet? Taking this quiz may help keep your best friend from being sick as a dog!"
  5. Canine Genetic Disorders — "How much do you know about the inherited maladies that can plague man's best friend? This quiz covers both genetic disorders and methods of preventing them."
  6. Canine Anatomy — "We all love dogs — but do you know how they're put together? Check out your knowledge!"
  7. Canine Nutrition — "How much do you know about what you feed your furry friends?"
  8. Canine Health — "Questions on health problems in dogs."
  9. Breed-Specific Genetic Problems — "Breeds of dogs share a common gene pool that, unfortunately, often contains some bad genes. What do you know about genetic disorders specific to different breeds of dogs, and how to prevent them?"
  10. Fungal Infections in Dogs — "An obscure subject, but an important one."

Test your Dog Training & Working Dogs Knowledge . . .

  1. Service Dogs — "Some dogs happily perform very demanding jobs for much of their lives. This quiz is about those wonderful dogs who provide an invaluable service by assisting humans."
  2. Which Dog Does the Job? — "Match the job description to the dog bred for doing it!"
  3. Dog Sports — "A quiz on fun things to do with your dog."
  4. Clicker Training — "Clicker training uses operant conditioning techniques, like those used by marine mammal trainers, to train dogs without physical discipline or fear. Learn how to train a happy dog!"
  5. Not Fairly Easy AKC Obedience Quiz — "Anyone who’s familiar with the regulations should do okay. If you want to learn more, or you're planning on showing your dog, read the obedience regulations!"
  6. Dog Acronyms — "Think you know about dog shows, well we'll see."
  7. Dog Agility — "This quiz is dedicated to the excellent dog sport and human hobby, agility. It applies to U.S. agility organizations."

Test your General Dog Knowledge . . .

  1. Another Dose of Doggerel — "Do you know the truth about dogs?"
  2. Dog Myths and Facts — "How much do you know about what you hear about dogs?"
  3. Famous Canines Part I — "How well do you know dogs in literature, movies & on TV?"
  4. Famous Canines Part II — "Okay, dog lovers. Did you warm up with part 1? Part 2 should prove to be a bit more challenging. Some of these dogs are a bit more obscure."
  5. What Breed of Dog Did They Have? — "Guess what breed of dog the following famous people own or have owned. Find out if people really do look like their dogs!"
  6. Dog Acronyms — "If you are familiar with the world of dogs, these acronyms (a series of letters that stand for a series of words) will be familiar. For example, DVM= Doctor of Veterinary Medicine."
  7. Canine Conundrums for all Occasions — "Ah, the noble dog. Loyal, affectionate, playful friend. Almost everyone has had a dog at one time or another in their lives. But how much do we really know about them? Let's find out!"
  8. Dogs Allowed — "This quiz is about basic facts concerning dog breeds and dogs in general, and about the origin of some names of dogs."
  9. Dog Quiz — "Here's an easy quiz about a man's best friend. It has five questions about some different, well-known types of dogs."

Test your Dog Show Knowledge . . .

  1. Dog Show Lingo — "People in the dog fancy speak a language of their own. Can you translate it?"
  2. A Day at the Dog Show —  "Do you want to learn more about American Kennel Club conformation shows? This is the place!"

Test your Dog Breed Knowledge . . .

  1. Alphabetical Dog Breeds — "Each answer is a breed of dog. Just pick the right one!"
  2. Rare Breeds of Dog — "Each item describes a rare breed of dog, and you tell me what breed it is."
  3. The Retriever Breeds — "The six AKC-recognized retriever breeds are among the most versatile of dogs. Learn more about the history and characteristics of these fascinating canines."
  4. Which Dog for Me? — "Ten people want to choose the dog that is right for them. See if you can help them select the breed that fits their lifestyles the best."
  5. From the Breed Standards — "Many breeds have a distinctive feature or description in the standard that identifies it with that breed. Each item will give you one or more sentences from the breed standard, and you guess the breed."
  6. Breed Nicknames — "Many breeds have some special name or phrase that distinguishes its characteristics and personality. For example, the Basenji is known as the Barkless Dog. Match the nickname with the breed."
  7. A Day At The Dogs' Home — "You work at a dogs' home and it is your responsibility to match prospective owners with the correct dog."
  8. Dog Breeds In General — "Think you know a lot about the various dog breeds? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know!"
  9. Which Dog is That? — "This is an easy quiz about some different dog breeds and dog's behavior. Also some about dogs' professions."
  10. Guess That Dog Breed! — "This is a quiz to see how many rare dog breeds you know about."
  11. The Ear of the Dog — "Can you spot the correct breed by a description of the ear? Let's see if you know your dogs!"
  12. Which Dog Am I? —  "How well do you know your dog breeds? Can you figure out which breed of dog is describing himself?"