June 28, 1998 to January 18, 2009

On January 20, 2009, we learned about a loss in our Land of PureGold Foundation family, a loss for Marti Brown, one of our wonderful Board Members. From Virginia Beach, Marti began her interest in Goldens in 1978 when she and her husband, Joe, lived on their horse farm. At the time, they both thought Goldens would be a perfect fit because of their friendly nature.  Sadly, our board member, Marti Brown, lost her Golden Angel Carly girl to cancer on January 18, 2009.

Dogs come into our lives, leave paw prints on our hearts, and we are forever changed. At first they need us, but then we need them. As a result, losing that shadow at our feet is heart wrenching. But, with time and much healing those cherished memories, which never leave our heart, allow us to rejoice in the many walks that made our journeys together worthwhile.

This is our favorite photo of Carly from her very happy 10th birthday celebration on June 28th, 2008.

And, below are photos of a 5-year-old Carly visiting friends at Harbour Pointe Medical and Rehabilitation Center, with comments from Marti from 5 years ago.

"She was visiting on Mother's Day, carrying gifts in her backpack. Carly isn't a trained therapy dog, but my how she loves going to visit the Rehab center. She always get that look on her face where she is smiling. I think she loves it just as much or more than the people there. I also wanted to send you a picture of Carly and a woman named Stella, but sadly she passed away several months ago."

"There wasn't a day when I would go to the Rehab center to visit my mom when she was there (3 years) that Stella wouldn't give Carly a big ole smile and say how's my Carly girl. Sometimes she just wanted to hold her leash and she always gave her big hugs and kisses. She also had pictures of her and Carly on the wall in her room."

"Even now when we go visit, Carly looks for her, and I know Carly misses her as much as I do. She was such a caring and loving person and she made a difference not only in Carly's life but in mine too."

"She taught us what sharing your love is all about, by sharing hers. She was Carly's best friend at the Harbour Pointe Rehab center."

"I truly believe whether we realize it or not we all make a difference in someone else's life.”  Marti Brown


“Sharing the Love”

"Here is Carly with Faye who loves to go out and
throw bread around her wheelchair
so the birds will come close to her.”

“Here is Golden girl Carly with her buddy Margaret Lee.”


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