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There is actually so many wonderful articles and learning vehicles available on the web. And, we are constantly searching for what is new and creative.

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Suzanne Clothier Articles
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Selecting Training Equipment Determine how it will affect your dog & you as a handler. 
Of Hostages & Relationships Do you need to isolate a dog or limit playtime with other dogs or people?   
It Takes a Pack to Raise a Puppy Understanding what a puppy expects and needs from his family.
WHY NOT TAKE CANDY FROM A BABY? (If he lets you!) Examines manipulation as part of social life, and dog's need for clear boundaries
     and leadership.
Rewards, Lures & Bribes What is the difference between a reward, a lure and a bribe? Explanations and tips. 
SCENT GAMES: Educating Your Dog's Nose Easy exercises & games to teach any dog scent discrimination as a fun & enjoyable
    game using his natural talents.
10 Tips for Problem Behaviour — 10 basic rules that will help you teach your dog more desirable behavior. 
He Just Wants To Say "Hi!" Aggression or appropriate response to rudeness?  Too many dogs suffer because handlers don't know
     the difference.    
Leadership Basics — Guide to regaining your dog's respect in pleasant, non-confrontational ways.
Relationship based Approach to Training Keeping the relationship central to all you do with your dog.
The Fine Art of Observation — Observing what your dog can tell you about himself, and using that information to make humane training
Dances With Dogs — The joyful dance of a willing partnership between handler and dog. 
Green Eggs & Ham & Dog Training? — Taking a tip from Dr. Seuss is a fun way to liven up your training.
LESSONS FROM THE MASTERS: Learning About Punishment from Dogs Themselves Considers the lopsided "positive reinforcement only"
    approach to training.
Handling On-lead Aggression — On-lead aggression involves the handler & unintentional training. How to resolve the problem without
    using aggression of your own. 
Guidelines for Teaching Self Control — Teaching your dog self control as foundation for all other learning.  
Fitness In Your Back Yard — Exercise is beneficial for your dog. Simple ideas for keeping your couch potato in reasonable shape.
Aggression Basics — Causes of aggression, and how to begin sorting out what's what.
Aggression & Some Reasons Behind It Understanding why a dog might feel need to act aggressively, and recognizing early signs in dog's body
How Much Does Your Dog's Cooperation Weigh? Physical struggles are not the point in relationship based training.