Winged Messengers of Whimsy
Castle Collector Display & Miniatures 

Purchases help fund Comparative Oncology Research and
 Cancer Treatment Grants for Working Dogs

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Online or via pickup, we provide organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free products, plus items to beautify your home and spirit. As a small volunteer-run nonprofit, we can't compete with the pricing at large stores. However, having no paid staff allows all our net proceeds to fund cancer research and  treatment for working dogs. Sit, stay & shop for what truly matters — health, home, happiness and healing.

This line features handcrafted mobiles of animals and creatures—both real and imaginary. Each consists of a body with an attached pair of wings, suspended from a hanging assembly and balanced so that a tug or gentle breeze causes the wings to flap. Pieces of art, they are signed, dated, and numbered by the artist under the left wing.

These winged wonders are made from furniture grade birch plywood, detailed with wood-burning, and then decorated with exterior-grade enamel paint and oil stain. Some have gorgeous etched acrylic wings. And, there are 50 miniatures and various collector displays to showcase them.

These weather-resistant mobiles withstand moisture, but cannot be exposed to nature (snow, rain, wind.). If hung outside, they must  be placed in protected areas.

Products are crafted to order, with a turnaround time of about three weeks.

All designs arrive folded flat and are ready to display with no assembly required. Please note that the miniatures shown in this display are only suggestions. All miniatures will fit in any display.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These items ship directly from Peggy Rich's Studio and arrive separately from other lines of items at the Land of PureGold. The line is only available for shipment in the United States.


Castle Collector Display

Width: 14.5"  Height: 15.5"
Collector Display Price: $30
Unicorn Miniature

Body Length: 4"  Wingspan: 4"
Winged Mini Price: $15
Dragon Miniature

Body Length: 5.5"  Wingspan: 6"
Winged Mini Price: $15

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Items that do not meet your expectations may be returned for replacement or refund within 30 days of the date received. Shipping charges are non-refundable unless you received a damaged item. If your order arrives damaged, please save the packaging material so that a claim can be filed with the shipper. Please contact us for complete return instructions.

If any of the stringsused for the hanging assembly or wing hingesbreak at any time and for any reason, they will be replaced free of charge. Customers, however, are responsible for shipping charges. Be sure to contact us before returning any item. In some cases, it may be possible for you to repair items with materials and help from the manufacturer, which would save time and shipping costs.

We have housed our flapper indoors, and in 6 years, there has not been any string breakage, our delightful piece as beautiful and functional as the day it was received. However, outside use will subject your flapper to more movement and thus potential for greater string wear and need for replacement.