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Dancing With Dogs: A Step-By-Step Guide to Freestyle (2003)
Written by Richard Curtis. Freestyle, sometimes known as Heelwork to Music, is a fantastic new sport which has taken the dog world by storm. From small beginnings, Freestyle has grown into a highly competitive discipline, which demands control, obedience, agility, and a spot-on sense of timing. The greatest challenge is to form a perfect partnership so that you can, literally, dance with your dog! In this superbly illustrated step-by-step guide, author Richard Curtis breaks down all the moves, from the simplest to the most complex, and shows you how to train your dog for Freestyle.
Let's Dance! A Beginner's Guide to Dancing with Your Dog (2005)
In this book by Donna Ball, you can learn the following 15 moves:
1. Heel (find your dog’s trotting or prancing pace)
2. Come (dog approaches human while human backs up)
3. Back
4. About turn ( while in forward motion the dog and human make a small pivot and begin traveling in the opposite direction)
5. Stay or Wait (very useful for pauses in the music or for uneven rhythms like the waltz or the tango)
6. Side changes/Crossovers (while in forward motion, dog moves from the left side to the right side and vice-versa; human continues forward motion throughout)
7. Circle/ Around (dog makes a full circle around the human’s body, either while the team is in motion or the human is standing still)
8.Spin (dog spins in a clockwise direction) and Twist (dog spins in counter-clockwise direction)
9.Pivots (With dog in heel position make a very small circle to the left, dog moves backwards– or to the right– dog wraps himself around you moving in the same direction you are)
10.Through (Dog comes through your legs from the back or the front, often sitting or bowing between your knees)
11. Weaves (the dog weaves between the human’s legs while human is in motion )
12. Sidepass out (dog moves to the side away from the human)
13. Sidepass in (dog moves to the side toward the human)
14. Front lateral (dog moves in a continuous sideways motion while in front of the human)
15. Bow (dog stretches out his front legs and lowers chin toward the floor while the rear quarters remain elevated
Dancing with your Dog - The Book (1999)
By Sandra Davis. The illustrated and expanded version of the three freestyle videos. Spiral binding and quick reference to each of the movements are designed so that the reader can leave the book open and refer to the text and illustrations while teaching their dog each dance move. Can also be used in conjunction with the videos. Three sections so the book corresponds to the three videos: Getting Started, Getting the Rhythm, and Getting Applause. This is a primer; it does not discuss competitions. While the book does follow the videos, it has been expanded and the order of the moves has been changed to make the teaching process easier.
Dancing with your Dog : Getting Started Video (Tape 1)
By Sandra Davis. Learn Musical Canine Freestyle, a new and exciting activity where dog and handler perform dance type movements together to music. It originated in Canada in 1991 and became a competition sport by 1994. Judged on artistic and technical presentation. Also a fun way to interact with your dog! Video teaches 20 movements that you can use in dance routines, demonstrated by Sandra Davis and her Giant Schnauzer in a step by step positive approach. Moves are divided into three categories, and after each set of instructions, Sandra & Border Collie "Pepper" perform a dance routine featuring those movements.
Dancing with your Dog : Getting the Rhythm Video (Tape 2)
By Sandra Davis. Covers the artistic aspects of creating a dance routine for yourself and your dog: learn how Sandra chooses and edits the music so that it has both the right length and content, and how she choreographs the dance for the dogs. Features 8 year old Giant Schnauzer, Jabba.
Dancing with your Dog : Getting Applause Video (Tape 3)
By Sandra Davis. Final video in the series sets the stage for performing publicly with your dog. Demonstrates the advanced movements that were developed from the basic 20 moves of the first video, plus several new movements. Using personal examples of mishaps in her own routines, Sandra points out ways of avoiding possible embarrassment on stage, and how to make that performance just right!


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