Mistfield Oliver CGC: A Famous Photo Shoot

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Below is how our nine-year-old Ollie appeared in his premier photo shoot for America's Pharmaceutical Companies. These photos actually graced a pamphlet which functioned as a stapled insertion in September 1996 issues of Newsweek, Time, and Reader's Digest magazines. Doesn't the model he is posing with actually look like this is her Golden? They both did a great job as Mom watched from the distance during an entire day shoot.


My Ollie with the model on the shootMental Illnesses Are As Treatable As Physical Illnesses

Mental illnesses such as panic disorder, depression & schizophrenia affect approximately 40 million Americans each year.

These illnesses strike individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, income or education. They can affect the person's ability to think clearly, act appropriately and relate to others — and reduce the chances for a happy, productive, "normal" life.

What many people fail to realize, however, is that mental illnesses are medical illnesses just like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. And like physical illnesses, most mental disorders can be treated effectively.

My Ollie again being lovedToday, due to ongoing research, about 90% of people with mental disorders will improve or recover if they get appropriate treatment. An accurate diagnosis by a doctor or mental health professional is critical to ensure proper care.

According to the National Institute of Mental  Health, 90% of people with mental illnesses will improve or recover if they get appropriate treatment such as counseling, medicine, or a combination of both.

Too often, however, people don't recognize the symptoms of mental illnesses — or they're embarrassed to ask for help — or they don't know that treatments are available. Inside this pamphlet, you'll find out how common, and how treatable, mental illnesses are today. It's information that may improve the quality of your life, or the life of  someone you love.

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Hi Ollie,
I was so excited to see that your magazine debut dealt with mental illness! My 23-year-old son has suffered with Schizophrenia for about six years now and lives at home with us. His best friend was our old Yellow Lab that he had had since a kid. When he passed away this past winter, my husband and I immediately hit the classifieds looking for a new friend for him. I had heard so many wonderful things about Golden Retrievers that I just had to have one! I lucked out and was able to bring home our new puppy within a few days.

To say he has preformed miracles is an understatement! Bailey is the most loveable and beautiful friend we could ever have found! To see my son and Bailey together, and hear my son actually laugh in pleasure, is a gift we have not seen in years. We all love Bailey so much, we actually seem to compete for his attention! Good job, Ollie! You helped in the battle to make mental illness less stigmatized!  
Denise 10/21/99