Meet SAR Goldens Brady and Chase
(Cancer Treatment Grant Recipient: Brady)

Golden Chase looks pretty happy working here on the water, even though he believes it is all a fascinating game. We learned about SAR Goldens Brady and Chase from their handler, Deana Hudgins, President of
the Ohio Search Dog Association, Inc. (OSDA), a non-profit all volunteer response unit that primarily provides qualified K9 search teams to assist in locating missing persons.

They also are educating agencies and the general public about the use and benefits of such teams in search and rescue missions.

OSDA has assisted with search operations in Ohio and in neighboring states, including searches for Alzheimer patients, mentally handicapped individuals who have wondered away from hospitals or their homes, and missing or abducted children. They have additionally worked on operations involving victims of drowning, violent crime, plane crashes, and various types of natural or man-made disasters.


This photo shows Deana with her two incredible boys, (right to left) Brady and Chase. Brady’s specialties include Live Finds and Area Search, while Chase’s skill specialties are Human Remains Detection and Air Scenting. Brady's certifications (as of July 2008) include: NAPWDA Area Search, NASAR SAR TECH II, NASAR Canine SAR TECH II, and Canine Good Citizen Certification. Chase's certifications (as of July 2008) include: NASAR SAR TECH II, Water HRD — Southern Tier Police K9 Assocation, NASAR Canine Human Remains Detection-Land (III), and Canine Good Citizen Certification.

Sadly, we learned about this hard-working family, when in June 2008, an application arrived for one of our Working Dog Cancer Treatment Grants. Here is Brady's story as told by his loving mom, Deana.

Brady is my baby, my partner, my loyal and loving companion. He is the first dog I trained for search and rescue. He was born on February 15, 2002 in Rootstown, Ohio at Gangway Kennel. He was the only boy in a litter of five. He came home on April 18, 2002 and began his search and rescue training immediately.

We are members of the Ohio Search Dog Association, Inc. (OSDA). We train as a team twice a week and respond, free of charge, twenty four hours a day to requests from polices, fire and emergency management agencies to assist in the search for lost and missing people throughout Ohio and around the country. 

In April of 2003 Brady received his first search and rescue certification from the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) in Area Search. He has been recertified by NAPWDA in Area Search every April since, including April 13, 2008.

Brady was certified as an Area Search Canine SAR Tech III by the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) in 2004 and an Area Search Canine SAR Tech II in 2007. Brady has loved to work from the first day I taught him puppy run-aways, the building block for area search canines. Brady’s overwhelming love of people of all ages, races and abilities has made him an outstanding search and rescue dog.

He is OSDA’s star when it comes to PR events and demonstrations. Long after the other dogs on the team have tired out Brady is still eager to meet and greet anyone who comes near our booth in the hopes that they will stop and pet him for a while. Brady assists me with dozens of demonstrations each year including the Ohio Child Abduction Response Team (CART) training for law enforcement agencies around the state.
I have been truly blessed to have Brady in my life. He has brought so much joy, love and happiness to my life. He has been a forgiving partner as we have navigated through the learning process of the K9 Search and Rescue world. He has also taught me so much about being present in the moment of our lives and the lives of our loved ones every day.
My teammates have been a huge support system for me during this process. We have some fantastic people and dogs who happily go to work whenever called and willingly put themselves in harms way to help return the missing to their families. K9 Search and Rescue has become my calling and I have been so blessed to have had Brady share this journey from the start.

I have been devastated by his diagnosis. I pray that I am making the right decisions in his care and treatment and that I can help him have the longest healthiest life possible. I was caught completely off guard by the diagnosis since he was showing absolutely no signs of feeling ill in any way. He was working, playing and living day to day like normal. I took him in to be checked because he had a small mass behind his shoulder blade about 2 cm wide. I, along with my regular vet, the oncologist and the surgeon, were totally unprepared for the diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma.

Brady had surgery to remove the mass on May 23, 2008 and the margins came back clear however radiographs and CT scans have picked up lesions in his lungs that may be metastatic disease but at this time they are too small to tell for sure. He had is first chemo treatment on June 9. He has been receiving weekly CBCs to monitor his blood. Brady has handled the chemo very well with no evident side effects.

To look at Brady you would never know he was sick, and for that I am eternally grateful. He runs and plays with Chase, his 4-year-old full brother who is also a search and rescue K9, every day. We have pool parties in the back yard and walk about three miles each night.

Brady still licks his bowl clean after every meal which he devours in less than a minute and he has really been enjoying all of his medicine and supplements since I give it to him in hot dogs three times a day.

I am praying for a miracle for Brady and trying to enjoy every day he is feeling well. I am more than willing accept the financial debt that comes with maintaining the health and well being of both Brady and Chase, but the bills for Brady’s surgery, tests and treatment have been overwhelming. I can’t thank you enough for your donation it will definitely help ease the burden.


Deana's Progress Updates for Brady
DECEMBER 8, 2008
Brady lost his battle with hemangiosarcoma on November 21, 2008. The cancer had spread throughout his body including most of his organs. A tumor ruptured in his brain and caused blindness in both eyes and he had completely lost his appetite. At that point I knew it was no longer fair to make him continue to fight when he was so very tired and the blindness scared him.

My heart is broken and Chase, my 5 year old Golden and Brady's full brother, is lost without Brady. I am truly grateful to have had Brady in my life and I am fortunate to have gotten the chance to take Brady to the beach in Florida in September. He had a great time running and playing. He was even well enough to play the day before he passed away.

Brady has taught me so much about love, loyalty and happiness. I hope to honor him by continuing to dedicate myself to K9 Search and Rescue. Brady was a fantastic ambassador for search and rescue and the Ohio Search Dog Association. I am sending you some photos from our trip to Florida and of Brady's last event for the Ohio Search Dog Association.









AUGUST 6, 2008

Brady had a treatment last Thursday. The radiologist felt that there may be some more lesions in Brady’s lungs since his second treatment. The lesions do not appear to be getting larger but the fact that there are more of them led Dr. Fulton to recommend changing chemo drugs. He will receive treatment every two weeks instead of every four weeks. Brady still seems to be feeling fine and he is enjoying pool parties in the yard and training with OSDA every weekend. Brady’s next treatment is August 14 and we will be doing radiographs and an abdominal ultrasound at this time. Hopefully this new drug will help Brady reach remission.

OSDA has had a very busy summer. Chase and I, along with our other human remains detection dog have responded to four searches for drowning victims during the past four weeks. Both dogs have done a fantastic job. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. I’ll send you another update after Brady’s next treatment.

JULY 11, 2008
Rochelle, I just wanted to thank you for the care package you sent for Brady and Chase! They love the treats and we have made good use of the toys already. They really like the stick since we can play with it in the water. I have already decided to purchase the cards to use as my Christmas cards this year. I can finally send pictures of my boys to all of the people that send me pictures of their kids every year. 

Brady and Chase are both doing well. The three cutaneous bumps on Brady have changed dramatically. One is completely gone and the other two have decreased in size and they are now flat instead of having a raised surface. His next CBC is on Monday and his next treatment is July 31. He is feeling well and he was able to attend training this week. He did a great job and you would not have been able to tell any difference between his performance this week compared to his performance pre-diagnosis. He had a great time doing the working and seeing all of his teammates. 

Chase is also back to work. We worked a water search (drowning) on Tuesday which was halted that night due to high water and we are going back out tomorrow to resume the search. He also attended training with Brady. It has been really beneficial for all three of us to get back into the routine of training and doing what we love.

JULY 7, 2008
Brady had his second treatment last Thursday. He tolerated it very well with no side effects other than some tiredness on Friday. Dr. Fulton feels that the lesions on the left side of his lungs appear smaller. However, they aren't sure about the two lesions on the right side. The have either grown very slightly (1mm or less) or they are unchanged. We decided to go forward with the same treatment protocol. Brady is feeling well and he is going to get to go back to training this week.

JULY 5, 2008
Brady returned for his second chemotherapy treatment on July 3, 2008. He is working with Dr. Lisa Fulton, an excellent Veterinary Oncologist. Deana believes he still seems to be doing well. And, she has promised to keep us up-to-date on his progress.

Making a Difference
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