The most accepted terms for this field are Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA). AAT involves working with someone when a specific goal has been identified. If you do this as a volunteer, you will work with a professional who will assist you in selecting goals for different individuals. AAA are those activities designed to strengthen someone's quality of life. Usually performed by volunteers, they are generally "meet and greet" activities.



Meet Golden Unsinkable Molly Brown
This lovely tale came to us on July 26, 2001 from Billie Cannon who lives in Texas. What a special Golden four-footed therapist this girl is!

mollies.jpg (11887 bytes)I want to introduce you to a very important member of a family. The Unsinkable Mollie Brown came to live with us when she was eight weeks old. She got her name from her ability to find water no matter where she was. We found out about her love for water when she chose her water dish as her favorite place to sleep when only a puppy. Then as she began to connect the sound of running bath water as a GOOD time for her, she would be a very unwelcome guest in all our baths. And, she discovered the great outdoors and THE LAKE . . . thus the name, Unsinkable Mollie Brown.

Early on in our relationship with Mollie we knew she had unusual abilities with people. Even the most difficult person would melt at the first encounter with our precious Mollie. I went for training and later was able to take her to day care centers and nursing homes.

One day as she sat with the children for storytime, we all noticed that a smile had come upon the face of one of the Special Needs children. This child did not show any emotion as a rule and was not interested in anything going on around her. As we looked to see why she was smiling and why she was sitting for the story, we noticed that sweet Mollie's tail was brushing up against this little one. She moved closer and closer to Mollie and then put her head onto the back of our rather large soft Golden and sat for the story.

Many stories like this were repeated everyday as we went to schools and nursing homes. Mollie visited one lady who had become bedridden. She asked the nurse if Mollie could come into the bed with her for a visit. The nurse said it was not up to regulations, but if that would make her feel better she would ask Mollie to come up for a visit. Mollie stretched out her big long body and placed her wet nose under the finger of the lady. She was thrilled and asked Mollie to come up closer and she did. They just enjoyed the fellowship. They even were caught taking a few zzz's.
Mollie also helped a lady who had not been out of the nursing home for several years. She asked to take Mollie for a walk and came back to report that she felt ten years younger! Mollie makes people truly feel UNSINKABLE! We are blessed G-d is letting us share her life.

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