Meet Samantha

This rescue tale, entitled, "Found Her Day," comes from Greg Korycki.

On Sept 26, 1999, Carrie and I just happened to go for a drive, with no particular place in mind. We found ourselves 15 miles away from home driving down a road to one of the local lakes.

We spotted a dog underneath a park bench, not thinking much about it—it was a park. When driving back, there was that dog again, just laying under this bench. This time we realized no one was in sight. We stopped the car and Carrie walked over to her. The dog looked wary, but her tail was wagging. Carrie sat down on a bench and, after a bit of coaxing, the dog went to her. The two sat for a few minutes, the dog looking from Carrie to the car. We finally got the hint, opened the car door and in the dog jumped!

We had found dogs in the past and had always found their families. This time it was different. There was a house several hundred feet away, so I walked over and asked the homeowner if the dogs was his. He said no and that the dog had been sitting there for three days. Why, we wondered, would someone let a dog just sit there for three days?

Well, we decided to take her home and look for her family. We tried everything from the local vets, to local rescues, and even the newspaper. This went on for weeks, and no claimed her. After a few weeks we thought that even if the owner was found, we might not be able to give that dog up—we were falling in love.

A Very Happy Girl

This is how Samantha became our first dog, how she adopted us. Some people say we saved her, but, in reality, she saved us. Sam is now about 9 to 10-years-old. That day seven years ago was one of the best days ever!