Meet Ryder

Golden Retriever Survives Being Shot 6 Times: Dog Recovering At Medina Animal Hospital, September 6, 2005

Medina, Ohio -- A golden retriever that had been shot six times is recovering now after being rescued in Portage County, NewsChannel5 reported. At first glance, "Ryder" may seem like an ordinary, playful and loving golden retriever, but a closer look reveals a battered and bruised dog. After Ryder was picked up as a stray in Ravenna Township over, it was discovered that the dog had been shot multiple times.

Tracie Tsai, a volunteer with Golden Retrievers In Need (G.R.I.N.), said the dog was taken to the Stow-Kent Animal Hospital, where veterinarians removed two bullets. The Portage County Humane Society also helped in the rescue effort. It appears that the other bullets either passed through the dog, or just grazed him. Tsai said she was astounded by Ryder's spirit, even after being wounded in such a horrible way.

At this time, no one has come forward claiming they've lost their dog, and the Portage County sheriff has no leads on what actually happened. Ryder is now in the care of the Tender Loving Care Animal Hospital in Medina, where he is getting much needed rest and relaxation.

December 2005 Update (from Tracie Tsai - GRIN volunteer/member)
Ryder was adopted by his foster home and is doing great. He was such a great dog they fell in love with him. He suffered nerve damage on his left side of his face due to one of the bullet entry points. So due to the nerve damage he is blind in that eye and is unable to blink or close his eye lid. The adoptive home has been applying drops to the left eye 4 times daily to keep it moisturized but due to not being able to see he keeps bumping it into things and it has become very irritated. After discussing with a veterinarian their options, they have decided removing the left eye would be the best thing. So they have scheduled an appointment for January 2006. Other than the eye problem, all of his other wounds have healed and he is very happy and healthy. It was a remarkable story and he truly has the "golden" spirit.

Here are some photos of Ryder since his adoption.