Meet Penny

PennyThis lovely gal is Penny. Recently, before Christmas 1998, I received a very sad call from my husband. He was calling from work to tell me about a very tragic situation. A woman who came into the pharmacy often and knew about his love for Goldens thought he could help out with a Golden in need. This gal, Penny, had been living with a very elderly neighbor of hers. But, she had become quite ill and had not been able to give Penny much attention or loving due to her own battles with cancer. Sadly, she died and Penny was left all alone in this world. No one could care for her, and if a home could not be found she was going to have to be euthanized. We couldn't let that happen and immediately took Penny into our home. She was so very needy due to several illnesses and some time of neglect. I contacted Mary Ellen Lunde from my own local rescue organization, and within days Mary Ellen was at my door ready to take Penny to a foster home. We were so happy someone would be able to help bring her back to some health and happiness. She was such a quiet and sorrowful gal.  

Well, Debbie Iwanczuk and her family then had Penny under their loving care for three months. In the rescue's News for March/April 1999, Debbie wrote a wonderful article, entitled "Foster Tails." Because of this fine article, a dedicated and caring family from West Chester, PA knew that they had to give Penny the life she so deserved.

Kate & Seth Whitelaw had adopted a rescue dog named Scholar near the end of 1997. They live in a gigantic 10,000 square foot farm house on 4.5 acres of land with two children, two cats and, of course, Scholar. And, Kate is a stay at home mom, which guarantees for lots of attention for both her two-footed & four-footed family members. Debbie discussed Penny's intensive medical needs (thyroid problem, recurrent hot spots, ear infections, arthritis, recent bladder infection, need to be in Elizabethan collar all the time due to itching, etc.). Yet, Kate & Seth were still very much interested in pursuing the adoption.

When Penny arrived at Seth & Kate's home, she did lots of exploring. Mary Ellen said that Penny really seemed to enjoy the children. Whenever the 5-year-old would talk to her, Penny's tail would start wagging. She truly seemed to draw strength and energy from the children. Kate & Seth said they felt blessed with Scholar and knew that they had an obligation to do something in return, such as adopting a dog that no one else would take. They are totally committed to getting Penny in the best medical condition possible and ensuring that she has a quality life.

Penny was a little confused and saddened when she saw Debbie and her daughter Jen drive off without her. And, of course, now losing her first foster Golden, Debbie was crying as well. But, Mary Ellen knew that this was a once-in-a-million home and family. Certainly, Penny would now have the continual unconditional love and support that she so very much deserved. We are hoping that Penny continues to improve medically so that she can truly enjoy the gifts of life. Thank you Mary Ellen for sharing this happy ending with us.

July 12, 2000 Mary Ellen Update
Penny's adoptive family took her to the vet recently. He advised them that this now 10-year-old was in such good shape that there was a good chance that she'd live another four years or so! Penny is off all medications now except a low dosage for thyroid and depending on the results of her next blood test she may come off that as well!

When her new forever family first got Penny, this same vet had said she had only about six months left to live. Boy, he must be amazed what a little old-fashioned attention and love can do. Penny just adores her new 2-legged brothers, now ages 6 and 10. And, it is so cute that when Penny is sleeping on her own pet bed, her 6-year-old brother curls up and takes a nap with her.