Meet Murphy

MurphyThis is Murphy, a lovely four-year-old Golden Gem, who now is living happily with The Cavitt Family in Parsons, Kansas. Pam Cavitt wrote to us, here at the Land of PureGold, telling us the words we always love to hear. She said that after discovering our special Golden-mine she was determined to rescue an older Golden. She contacted the Kansas City Golden Retriever Club's Rescue program. They did a good job, like all rescues do, and asked Pam lots of questions. They really grilled her and her husband Shawn before telling them they thought they had a possible match. Pam was then put in touch with Stacy & Jeff, the wonderful folks doing some of the foster-parenting for the Rescue. How tough a job that is to have these wonderful creatures for such short times before having to send them on their way.

Stacy and Jeff were the folks who took care of Murphy after she was surrendered to the Rescue by her owners. Unfortunately, her family didn't have time for her anymore, though probably loving her too much to leave her alone. Being such a people dog, Murphy certainly would have been very unhappy if left with no human companionship.

Pam and Shawn got to meet up with Murphy with her foster parents at a park in LGolden familyawrence, Kansas. One look at this beautiful gal and they knew she would be driving home with them. This picture shows Murphy saying goodbye to Stacy & Jeff on the final adoption day, October 24, 1998. It was truly a very sad goodbye before Murphy and Pam (and a few soggy tennis balls) were on their way home.

Pam is so very much in love with this special "dream dog." She describes her coat as glorious spun sugar, and her eyes as trusting and gentle, yet full of fun. But, we know that these Golden packages house both brains and beauty. And, Murphy is no exception. She already knew her basic commands and had a strong retrieve. And, there is never a mess in the house nor so much as a cringe when smothered tightly by their three-year-old son's loving hugs. And, with this sweetie around, there's never a dull moment! Not only is Murphy a wonderful addition to the family, but she is already the joy of the entire neighborhood.

Murphy will be starting basic obedience class on January 22, 1999 with Daddy Shawn. Of course, Pam bets they will "steal the show!!" The Murphydream is for her to become a certified therapy dog to help Shawn, a juvenile probation officer, reach troubled children. Murphy sounds like the perfect therapy dog to us. Pam says, "she displays a quiet wisdom, and unconditional acceptance of everyone she meets. . . she's our angel with a tennis ball." I sure hope Pam lets us know how Murphy does with this new venture. We, of course, think she'll be a pro!

We just got a note from Pam on June 21, 1999 telling us of Murphy's continued adventures. She says that Murph is such a chameleon . . . total goofball one minute, then purposeful and calm . . . all depending on what she perceives to be the "need" of any member of the household. Here's an example.

Murphy usually greets visitors with "semi-controlled hysteria" and calming her is a challenge sometimes. Pam, of course, is working on that. But a couple of months ago, the doorbell rang and her co-worker, Teresa, whom Murphy had never met came into the foyer visibly upset by a horrid, horrid day at the office. Pam had begun getting something for her friend to drink when she realized that Murphy was not causing the usual ruckus - indeed, all was strangely quiet except for her friend's soft crying. As Pam turned from the counter to take the drink to her friend, there she saw her sweet Murphy standing statue still with her head in Teresa's lap, allowing her to stroke her back and head as she cried. Murphy did not move for half an hour and stayed with Teresa until she began to calm down. How wonderfully Golden!

Murphy has completed her beginning obedience classes and is now working at home with Pam to fine-tune her skills. Shawn still has the goal of therapy certification in mind and is communicating with a school psychologist who uses a therapy dog in a neighboring town. Perhaps by the end of the summer, Pam will have some good news concerning Murphy's certification! (We'll keep you posted!)