Meet Mr. Valentine Mr. Valentine

Jody Henry sent this touching story about her Mr. Valentine: "When I lost my sweet girl Secret on July 20, 2001, I was devastated! But I  knew in my heart I wanted another Golden and soon. My house is not a home without a Golden! But I was unsure of just what I wanted to do. After many hours of thinking it came to me as if it were meant to be. Get an older Golden! But how? I talked to the local Humane Society, but nothing was there. If I could, EVERY dog at the Humane Societies would be at my house!

But within a few days a strange thing happened. A stranger overheard me talking and asked if I'd ever looked into a 'Golden Rescue'? I immediately began an internet search. Nothing was here in Chattanooga but several were very close. I chose Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue. The choices were "limited" but it did not matter. I just wanted a Golden soul. After contacting MTGRR they informed me about a 6 year old male needing a home. I'd seen his photo on the website. I said OK! Let's do it! They did look at my application and talked to me by phone. They knew I was very serious! On August 24, 2001, I drove to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to meet my new son. I was soooooo excited!

My other dog and three kitties had also been very lonely. When I drove up to the meeting spot I immediately broke down. This beautiful baby was really mine. I have so many photos from that meeting and ride home. Too many to post. The one here shows my guy with one of his new toys. Seventeen pounds less, grown hair and a year later, he is the best! I am so grateful for the MTGRR! 'Mr. Valentine' is a wonderful addition and he seems to be quite happy in his new home. I was told he liked to have a 'Dustbuster' run on him. He has his very own now! He will never take the place of my Secret but oh what a WONDERFUL addition to my heart and to my life he is! I love him dearly as do the rest of his new family!"